Volunteering types

Volunteering teams include event and scientific enthusiasts, who unite to develop socially important initiatives.

Event volunteering

What types of events can you volunteer for?


Here you can find everything about Noosphere events and dates

How to join the Noosphere volunteer team?

  • 1 choose the event you want to volunteer for
  • 2 fill out the contact form
  • 3 wait for the respond and meet your coordinator for instructions
  • 4 show up at the event at the time and place determined by the coordinator

What are the volunteer responsibilities?

  • Help organizing the venue (arranging printed materials and branded paraphernalia, furniture setup, banners)
  • Meet event guests and press at the info point, field coordination, support (if it necessary)
  • Assist with registration of participants (inclusion in lists, issuing badges and promotional materials)
  • Direct participants in the competition zone and award winners (certificates and prize distribution)
  • Manage cleanliness and order in the expo zone
The volunteers report to specific area supervisors for the whole event. If the volunteer is unable to perform the planned tasks, they must immediately notify the coordinator via any available means (phone call or message).

What do volunteers get after the event?

  • Volunteer certificates
  • Recommendation letters from NGO “Association Noosphere”
  • Promotional gifts

Choose your event and join!


Scientific volunteering

How to join the Noosphere scientific volunteer team?

  • 1 Choose which volunteer you want to become
  • 2 Fill out the feedback form
  • 3 Wait for the answer and meet your coordinator
  • 4 Agree part of the work with the coordinator

What are the responsibilities of a science volunteer?

  • Review of scientific and research works
  • Participation in focus groups
  • Mentoring and educational activities
  • Joining the jury of competitions and events of the organization
The science volunteer reports to the volunteer group coordinator. In case, if the volunteer is unable to carry out the planned work, he must promptly notify his mentor in any available way (phone call, message).

What do science volunteers get?

  • Status of a reviewer of scientific works, expert or mentor of the NGO "Association Noosphere"
  • Opportunity to share knowledge and create joint projects
  • Letter of recommendation, letter of thanks or diploma
  • Promotional gifts

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