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05 Jun 2024

Childhood holiday: how Noosphere Children’s Day went in Dnipro

NGO “Association Noosphere” and Planetarium Noosphere organized an educational and entertaining event

19 Apr 2024

Full-dome Oscar: Planetarium Noosphere’s films will be shown at a prestigious international festival

In June, the Czech city of Brno will host the International Fulldome Festival Brno 2024. Planetarium Noosphere is proud to be contributing three fulldome films that will be shown at the festival.

12 Apr 2024

The Ukrainian who charted the path to the moon: the incredible story of Yuriy Kondratyuk

In honor of the International Day of Human Space Flight and Ukraine’s Day of Rocket and Space Industry Workers, we would like to tell you the story of the incredible Ukrainian Yuriy Kondratyuk.

08 Apr 2024

Happy Birthday: Noosphere by the numbers

Over our years in existence, we have united a community of people who love science, space, technology and innovation. We held many events and achieved many successes together, and we’d like to tell our story in numbers.

06 Mar 2024

Photo from Noosphere Archaeology expedition takes bronze at scientific images competition

Every year there is a WikiScience Contest all over the world. In 2023, Valeriya Lavrenko, head of the Noosphere Archaeology project, was named the winner of the Ukrainian stage of the contest.

04 Mar 2024

My space dream: drawing contest for Ukrainian children 

March 4 was the start of the Noosphere Space Art Challenge, a national children’s drawing contest. This year’s theme is children’s dreams.