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24 May 2023

EOSDA Gets First Ready-to-Use Images From Its EOS SAT-1 Satellite

EOS Data Analytics founded by serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr. Max Polyakov, processed the first commercial images from EOS SAT-1, the initial satellite of the company’s EOS SAT constellation launched into a low Earth orbit on January 3, 2023. EOS SAT is a constellation comprising seven small optical satellites designed to support the implementation of […]

24 May 2023

“With the advent of the Internet, people thought that the era of enlightenment would begin, but instead they got cats on TikTok”, – Serhiy Veretiuk about the future of technology

Can we predict what the future will hold? How can we usher in world-changing ideas? Can artificial intelligence solve all of our problems? Serhii Veretiuk, head of the Noosphere Engineering School network, takes on these and other critical questions.

17 May 2023

Ukrainian teenagers created robo-postcards

More than 300 children from all over Ukraine took part in the VEXcode VR Art Canvas competition.

15 May 2023

The Fourth Noosphere Space Games have begun!

Registration for the Fourth Noosphere Space Games. Middle edition. virtual rocket modeling competition is now open.

20 Apr 2023

“We are striving to create Ukraine’s new technical and engineering elite” – Serhiy Veretiuk

The modern world is changing very rapidly. Year after year, new specializations appear, particularly in science and technology. The task of the education system is to train specialists for these professions.

12 Apr 2023

Ukrainian space: a history of victories

We have prepared a selection of interesting facts about the achievements of our scientists and astronauts for International Day of Human Space Flight and Ukraine’s Day of the Rocket and Space Industry Workers.