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WheelKeep at CES
06 Feb 2023

How to get the most out of Las Vegas: tips from the WheelKeep team

International exhibitions are a great opportunity for startups to present their product to potential investors and customers.

31 Jan 2023

One step to the stars: How Planetarium Noosphere makes people fall in love with the Universe

On the second anniversary of the renewed Planetarium Noosphere, it’s time to talk about the team and star projects.

26 Jan 2023

Noosphere Space Games: Plant a flag on Mars to earn an internship at a space company

On January 25, the third national virtual rocket modelling competition Noosphere Space Games was launched.

12 Jan 2023

EOSDA launched the first agro-oriented satellite into Earth orbit

Last week, EOS Data Analytics, founded by serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Max Polyakov, successfully launched the first satellite of the world’s first agro-oriented EOS SAT constellation.

23 Dec 2022

Noosphere’s 2022: supporting Ukraine and continuing our work

At the beginning of January, like the rest of Ukraine, Association Noosphere started on its plans for the year that had just begun.

22 Dec 2022

Noosphere Space Art Challenge: Australian Writer Creates Book Based on Children’s Drawings

Jade Meitre, a writer from Australia, was inspired by the drawings of Ukrainian kids and wrote the fairy tale Ukraine Space Hotel. The book has been published in Australia and translated into Ukrainian.