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23 Nov 2021

Roster of 2021 Nobel Prize winners

The Nobel Prize is one of the most prestigious international prizes.
Noosphere keeps a close eye on leading headlines from the scientific world. So, we have prepared a handy roster of 2021 Nobel Prize winners.

10 Nov 2021

Members of the Noosphere Space Ecosystem at International Aerospace Salon

What did they show in the exhibit area of “Aviasvit-XXI” this year?

15 Oct 2021

Noosphere hosts NASA Space Apps Challenge local stage for the fifth time

The annual NASA Space Apps Challenge took place on October 2-3

11 Oct 2021

Noosphere Art Rocket Park exhibit opening and Charity Auction launch

The exhibition opened in Gagarin Park in Dnipro. All exhibits can be purchased at a charity auction.

23 Sep 2021

Noosphere Games — a look at the new format

This was the first time that we held competitions in different disciplines at the same time.