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NASA Space App Challenge 2023
01 Sep 2023

Registration for the NASA Space Apps Challenge is open

On October 7-8, the local stage of the NASA Space Apps Challenge hackathon will take place in Dnipro.

08 Aug 2023

“I used to be interested in aeronautics from the outside. Now I work with people in the field”, – Noosphere Space Games winner Bohdan Borovyk

Nineteen-year-old Bohdan Borovyk was named the winner of the third Noosphere Space Games. He is now working as an intern at a space company.

01 Aug 2023

14 medals and team spirit: Ukrainian model rocketeers recount their successful World Championship in the US

Ukrainian model rocketeers, their mentors and partners talked about their preparations for the competition and the difficulties they overcame. 

31 Jul 2023

Noosphere shares its experience in STEM education at festival in Odesa

Innovative technologies in education and popularization of STEM education were the topic of discussion at the Macer IT Race 2023 festival, which took place on June 20-21  at the International Humanitarian University in Odesa.

21 Jul 2023

Team Ukraine results from the World Model Rocket Sports Championship

Team Ukraine took part in the World Model Rocket Sports Championship in the United States, bringing back numerous team and individual awards.

20 Jul 2023

The space stations are in orbit! Announcing the winners of the Noosphere Space Games

The fourth Noosphere Space Games: Middle Edition virtual rocket modeling competition has ended.