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Noosphere Engineering School
05 Jun 2020

Noosphere Engineering School Mentors Assemble Face Shields for Healthcare Professionals

We have already talked about some of the innovative solutions developed at Noosphere Engineering School to confront the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. In this article, we share more on how the school uses innovations in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

04 Jun 2020

Igor Khanin’s Philosophical Thoughts About Coronavirus and Noospheric Thinking

Igor G. Khanin is a prominent Ukrainian scientist who shares our belief in Noosphere and promotes Noosphere’s philosophy. In light of recent events related to the coronavirus pandemic and Noosphere’s participation in NASA Space Apps COVID-19 Challenge as a local organizer, Dr. Khanin couldn’t help but express his philosophical point of view. He packed his thoughts into this little article.

22 May 2020

Blood Donation to Fight the Pandemic: Conversation with DonorUA, a Vernadsky Challenge Finalist

The issue of donation becomes especially vital, as quarantine measures have limited the ability to donate blood. We interviewed Iryna Slavinska, a 2015 Vernadsky Challenge finalist, Public Health Center of Ukraine worker and founder of DonorUA – a Ukrainian blood donor registry which monitors the current state of blood donations in Ukraine and the impact coronavirus pandemic has had on donation.

20 May 2020

Sport Rocketry Magazine Wrote an Article About FIRE 2019

Last year Noosphere, together with Firefly Aerospace, Ukrainian Spacemodelling Sports Federation, and USA’s National Association of Rocketry, launched a great event in rocketry called FIRE (Firefly International Rocketry Event). This year, the event was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but we warmly remembered it on the pages of Sport Rocketry magazine, the official journal of the National Association of Rocketry.

15 May 2020

Noosphere Joined the United Nations Social Initiative

In April, Noosphere joined the United Nations social initiative to spread the word about coronavirus (COVID-19).

13 May 2020

Noosphere Engineering School Has Developed Innovative Solutions to Improve the Health Care System

The health care systems in different countries are facing real challenges due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. In times like these, we need to work together to create innovative solutions that can easily address these new issues. Students and mentors of Noosphere Engineering Schools are already working towards such solutions.