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15 Oct 2021

Noosphere hosts NASA Space Apps Challenge local stage for the fifth time

The annual NASA Space Apps Challenge took place on October 2-3

11 Oct 2021

Noosphere Art Rocket Park exhibit opening and Charity Auction launch

The exhibition opened in Gagarin Park in Dnipro. All exhibits can be purchased at a charity auction.

23 Sep 2021

Noosphere Games — a look at the new format

This was the first time that we held competitions in different disciplines at the same time.

14 Sep 2021

Engineering startups: steps to success

We’ve compiled an interesting infographic based on the panel discussion on the topic “Prospects for engineering startups in Ukraine and the world”  that was held as part of the 5th grand final of the Vernadsky Challenge.

08 Sep 2021

Noosphere BE-IN: celebrating Ukraine’s 30 Independence anniversary

Noosphere celebrated the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence on a grand scale, technologically and diversely.

23 Aug 2021

30 years of space independence

Ukraine has always been rightfully considered the cradle of the astronautics world. After all, the outstanding Ukrainian scientists Kondratyuk, Tsiolkovsky, Lozino-Lozinsky, Glushko, and Korolov were the pioneers of space research and rocket construction.