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VEX Robo Week
06 Nov 2023

Children in Dnipro create hero robots that save lives and rebuild cities

The VEX RoboWeek 2023 robotics competition took place in Dnipro on October 24 and 26. Participants from Dnipro and other cities learned to design and program a hero robot and use it to compete in performing rescue tasks.

06 Nov 2023

Robotic tour of VEX constructors

Association Noosphere completed the first stage of the VEX Marathon project

17 Oct 2023

Neptune’s rings and the possibility of life on distant planets: a lecture by NASA expert Conor Nixon

As part of World Space Week, Association Noosphere organized a lecture by Conor Nixon, a planetary scientist and head of the Planetary Systems Laboratory at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

13 Oct 2023

World Space Week: how it went

World Space Week, which was celebrated by space enthusiasts around the world from October 4 to 10, was particularly rich and interesting in Ukraine. Noosphere organized a number of online and offline events for space fans of all ages and from across the country. On October 6, the Space Shots film event was held at […]

12 Oct 2023

Neural networks, survival on Titan, and a Moon map: results from this year’s record-breaking NASA Space Apps Challenge Dnipro

The NASA Space Apps Challenge Dnipro has come to an end. This year, the local stage of the world’s largest space hackathon gathered a record number of participants.

18 Sep 2023

With love for Dnipro: Noosphere publishes a book about its hometown

The presentation took place at the Dnipro City History Museum