VEXcode VR Space Maze Challenge: Ukrainian children’s virtual adventures on the International Space Station

16 Nov 2023
VEXcode VR Space Maze Challenge

The VEXcode VR Space Maze Challenge robotics competition has come to an end. The virtual space mission was organized by the NGO “Association Noosphere”.

Children and teenagers ages 7 to 18  took part in  the competition.  270 participants from different parts of Ukraine tried their hand at programming robots during the online event. In the VEXcode VR virtual programming environment, participants traveled to the International Space Station, where they performed various tasks and missions with the help of a self-programmed virtual robot. Their tasks included walking through labyrinths, meeting astronauts, and docking space vehicles. Association Noosphere also held an instructional webinar for those who were working with VEXcode VR for the first time.

The competition was divided into three age groups, which each had slightly different tasks.  The winners of the event were:

Younger age group (7-10 years):

1st place – Anastasia Ishchenko (Lviv);

2nd place – Pavlo Vodakov (Zaporizhzhya);

3rd place – Alyona Solntseva (Dnipro);

Middle age group (11-14 years old):

1 place – Ilya Kyrpa (Dnipro);

2nd place – Nektariy Chuma (Rivne);

3rd place – Vasyl Honcharuk (Chernivtsi);

Older age group (15-18 years old):

1st place – Daniil Zayets (Netishyn);

2nd place – Ilya Vershynin (Kryviy Rih);

3rd place – Tymofiy Deydey (Zaporizhzhya).

The winners will receive gifts and official certificates from the Association Noosphere, VEX Robotics, and the REC Foundation.

The VEXcode VR Space Maze Challenge is an official competition using the VEX Robotics platform. It allows  participants to not only test themselves, but also join a worldwide   community of roboticists with  more than 1 million members.