What we do

We are passionate believers in the power of the Noosphere — or how humans can fundamentally change the world around them through a combination of knowledge and technology.

Our initiatives

We have created a number of initiatives to help promote and curate the Noosphere, including partnerships with technology faculties at leading universities in Ukraine. We believe that by creating close connections between employees of tech companies, communities, and academia and leveraging this collective knowledge with robust technology platforms, we will synergistically contribute to the Noosphere.

Tech events

  • Vernadsky Challenge

    Vernadsky Challenge

    Competition for engineering startups with 2M UAH in grant funding available. The focus of the interest is space technologies and active bioelectronics.

  • BestRoboFest


    An annual family festival with a robotics and tech twist. It includes Robo Race, Robo Sumo, Robo Maze, FreeStyle competitions, an expo-zone with master-classes, and lots of entertainment for kids and adults.

  • Copter Race

    Copter Race

    Drones Formula 1. This FAI authorized competition is dedicated to transforming the innovative technologies behind copters into practical solutions for improving people’s lives today.

Space events

  • Noosphere Space Summit

    Noosphere Space Summit

    International space conference aimed to promote the New (or private) space in the world and Ukraine, in particular.

  • Art Challenge

    Art Challenge

    A drawing contest for kids and teenagers who are interested in art and space tech.

  • Startrack


    Innovative tournament in rocketry and space. The tasks include developing the constructions for launch-vehicles, launch systems and its parts.

  • ActInSpace Dnipro

    ActInSpace Dnipro

    Local event of the international space competition organized by the French Space Agency with the support of ESA and the ESA Business Incubation Centres network.

  • NASA Space Apps Challenge

    NASA Space Apps Challenge

    Local event of the worldwide hackathon NASA Space Apps Challenge where space enthusiasts are able to create a solution for a challenge by NASA for 48 hours and visit NASA facility in case of winning.

  • NASA Covid

    NASA Covid

    Noosphere is a local host of the NASA Space Apps COVID-19 Challenge, which is dedicated to putting open data to work on developing solutions to issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Noosphere Space Games

    Noosphere Space Games

    First Ukrainian virtual rocket modelling competition with the Kerbal Space Program

Sports events

  • eSports IT Marathon

    eSports IT Marathon

    Dota 2 and CS:GO online tournaments for IT professionals, freelancers, and IT students.

  • Noosphere Bowling IT Cup

    Noosphere Bowling IT Cup

    This competition brings together amateur bowlers from different IT companies. It is held in a single-player format with the support of the Dnipropetrovsk Sports Bowling Federation.

  • Volleyball


    A traditional indoor volleyball tournament, gathering teams from all over Ukraine.

  • Basketball


    Debuted in 2019 with the support of the Basketball Federation of Ukraine, the competition unites IT people in teams on the basketball courts.

  • Volley Beach

    Volley Beach

    The competition is a beach volleyball tournament held on the beaches of the Dnipro River’s Monastyrskyі Island.

  • Chess


    An online tournament for IT professionals that brings together participants from different parts of Ukraine. Among the participants are representatives of various IT companies and universities.

  • Noosphere Karting IT Cup 2020

    Noosphere Karting IT Cup 2020

    A kart racing for IT-specialists.

Partner's events

  • FIRE - Firefly International Rocket Event


    Fire is taking off as a World Air Sports Federation (FAI) Open International World Cup contest. It is jointly organized by Noosphere, Firefly Aerospace, the Ukraine Spacemodelling Sport Federation, and USA’s National Association of Rocketry.

  • Ukraine Rocketry Challenge

    Ukraine Rocketry Challenge

    The competition is a local stage of the international rocketry challenge. The event is organized by Noosphere in collaboration with the Ukraine Spacemodelling Sport Federation.

  • 2016 FAI World Championships for Space Models

    2016 FAI World Championships for Space Models

    Ukraine first hosted the World Air Sports Federation (FAI) championship in 2016. Local organizers were Noosphere and the Ukraine Spacemodelling Sport Federation. More than 300 competitors from 19 countries around the world took part in the festivities while about 7,000 visitors attended the event and thousands more joined the online streaming.

  • Yangel Cup

    Yangel Cup

    An FAI Open International Spacemodelling competition organized in Dnipro by Noosphere and the Ukraine Spacemodelling Sport Federation. It is aimed to engage more young fans in the space and rocketry field and to unleash their potential.

  • NATO


    Advanced training in response to conflict and security challenges in East Ukraine.

  • 2015 FAI World Championships for Space Models

    2015 FAI World Championships for Space Models

    In 2015 Noosphere in co-operation with Ukraine Spacemodelling Sport Federation became a local organizer of the FAI European Championships for Space Models. The competition was hosted in Ukraine for the first time and brought together 111 sportsmen from 12 countries.


  • NooMa Conference

    NooMa Conference

    NOOsphere MArketing Conference for young professionals of online marketing specialists.

  • Dribbble


    Meetup for designers from Dnipro and the region; aimed to support the local community of designers.

  • AI Rush Conference

    AI Rush Conference

    Conference for AI and Big Data specialists.

  • Noosphere Scientific School

    Noosphere Scientific School

    A project to provide a scientific and technological foundation for the dynamic development of Noosphere members. The school hosts public and scientific events, releases scientific publications and conducts thesis research.

Social initiatives

  • Noosphere Engineering School

    Noosphere Engineering School

    This is a center for research and engineering activities, and a powerful catalyst for disruptive innovations in science-based business. A synergistic blend of experts, students and enthusiasts.

  • Noosphere Space Engineering School

    Noosphere Space Engineering School

    Noosphere Space Engineering School (NSES) was grounded for students in order to teach them practical knowledge in the creation and operation of rocket technology. NSES students are working on the Student Rocket project, the goal of which is to create rockets with a flight altitude of 100 km.

  • Gagarin Park

    Gagarin Park

    Noosphere became an initiator and sponsor of the renovation of the DNU botanical garden’s park zone. It is intending to become an open-air hub for kids, students and adults for studying and leisure activities. There are free Wi-Fi access, mobile app with AR and modern infrastructure for safe and comfortable time spending.

NGO Association Noosphere. Public Report 2022-2023.
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