Who we are

Noosphere is a non-governmental non-commercial organization focused on scientific research and information provision


Noosphere's mission is to facilitate knowledge discovery, use and sharing, and to increase the scientific interest. We seek to unite scientists and researchers in order to promote science and technology in the business environment on a global scale.

Our main goals are

  • To create favorable conditions for knowledge sharing among young people and to raise the level of science
  • To increase awareness of advanced research, technology and innovations
  • To promote scientific work and renovate the intellectual potential of Ukrainian society
  • To promote the use of scientific knowledge in everyday life
  • To create new ways for science and business to interact

Noosphere activities

  • Educational events, conferences, seminars, workshops, competitions, and other forms of knowledge and information sharing.
  • Research in various scientific fields and implementation of the findings.
  • Providing grants to young talents working in scientific fields.
  • Cooperation with similar organizations worldwide.