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Noosphere Art Rocket Park
11 Nov 2020

Noosphere Art Rocket Park: New Social Project to Promote Space and Rocketry in Ukraine

This autumn is full of new competitions and initiatives from Noosphere. We recently told you about Noosphere Engineering Race, a brand new method of robotics competition in Ukraine based on the American VEX construction. In this article, we present another original contest – Noosphere Art Rocket Park.

06 Nov 2020

Noosphere Engineering Race: New Format for Robotics Competition in Ukraine

This year, due to the quarantine situation in Ukraine and Dnipro city, we had to postpone many of our events. The BestRoboFest robotics festival for young techies was one of them. However, Noosphere decided to provide new opportunities for young technology enthusiasts in Dnipro by introducing another first to robotics competitions in Ukraine.

04 Nov 2020

Noosphere Promotes Engineering among Ukrainian Youth

At Noosphere, we strive to apply the concept of STEM education and create favorable conditions for enhancing the engineering ecosystem in Ukraine.

31 Oct 2020

100 Years of Vladimir Vernadsky’s Noosphere Theory

On October 31, 1920, Vladimir Vernadsky, gave a lecture “Science as a geological force”. The lecture and ideas presented that day set into motion the development of noosphere theory.

19 Oct 2020

Meet the Vernadsky Challenge 2020 Finalists

The Vernadsky Challenge is a unique engineering startup competition, organized by Noosphere since 2015. This year, Noosphere continued the same competition format from the year before – with a focus on active bioelectronics and space technology projects.

13 Oct 2020

New Format for Well-Known Event: NASA Space Apps Challenge Dnipro 2020 Wrap-Up

On October 3-4, the largest space hackathon NASA Space Apps Challenge was held in 150 countries around the world. This is the fourth consecutive time Noosphere has been Dnipro’s local host for the hackathon.