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Noosphere Space Games. Middle edition
22 Dec 2022

Noosphere Space Games. Middle edition: how Ukrainian schoolchildren and students planted the flag of Ukraine on the Moon

Noosphere continues to build an ecosystem of space creativity in Ukraine, despite the war, young Ukrainians must develop their talents, dream and make their dreams come true. One such dream is to fly to the Moon and plant the flag of Ukraine there, and recently Noosphere has provided such an opportunity to young space enthusiasts. How? Read in this article.

16 Dec 2022

Winners of the Vernadsky Challenge 2021: nothing can stop an idea which time has come

In summer 2021, the Provizio team from Kharkiv won silver prize in the finals of the Vernadsky Challenge engineering startup competition. The war made some corrections of their plans, but the desire to develop and improve the startup didn’t change. 

30 Nov 2022

ActInSpace 2022: how Ukrainians and Slovaks hackathoned 

The space hackathon ActInSpace was held in 34 countries of the world on November 18-19. The hackathon takes place every year under the auspices of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the French National Center for Space Research (CNES). NGO “Association Noosphere” recently signed a memorandum of partnership with the Slovak Space Office, so this year Ukraine joined ActInSpace in Slovakia.

09 Nov 2022

VEX RoboWeek STEM course wrap-up

Noospherean October celebrated another event: the VEX RoboWeek STEM course. During the last week of the month, children and teenagers between the ages of 6 and12 learned the basics of programming and designing robots. A total of 25 young inventors attended the course. Noosphere organized the Meet and Code initiative.

08 Nov 2022

National STEM Day in the USA

On November 8 National STEM Day is celebrated in the USA. Noosphere could not pass by this holiday as all of our activities are aimed at popularizing STEM in Ukraine. STEM education will permeate all fields of knowledge soon, so we have to think about how to prepare children and youth for the challenges of the future.

31 Oct 2022

Join Noosphere Space Games and plant a flag on the Moon

Noosphere Space Games Intermediate Edition is the second virtual rocket modeling competition using the Kerbal Space Program. Last time, more than 450 participants from all over Ukraine joined the event.