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Леонід Каденюк
29 Jan 2024

The man who bring Kobzar to space: Independent Ukraine’s the first astronaut

Leonid Kadenyuk, the first astronaut of independent Ukraine, is at the top of this list for the country’s space community. In honor of his birthday, we would like to tell the story of an incredible Ukrainian.

28 Dec 2023

Space, robots, books, and art: A recap of Noosphere’s 2023

The past year has been full of challenges, interesting events, achievements and even records for Association Noosphere. We have a lot to remember and a lot to be proud of in 2023. So let’s share its highlights.

22 Dec 2023

Living with space debris. Lecture by ESA expert Tim Florer

Key points from a lecture by Tim Florer, head of the European Space Agency’s Space Debris Office.

21 Dec 2023

Big clean-up: children from Dnipro learned about space debris

Jan and Joachim Checherski’s book Beyond the Sky: The Great Space Cleanup was published and translated by Association Noosphere. On December 15, an educational event for children dedicated to the problem of littering in Earth’s orbit was held in the Dnipro Central City Library.

16 Nov 2023

VEXcode VR Space Maze Challenge: Ukrainian children’s virtual adventures on the International Space Station

The VEXcode VR Space Maze Challenge robotics competition has come to an end. The virtual space mission was organized by the NGO “Association Noosphere”.

15 Nov 2023

Ukrainians rank among top 10 space modelers in the world

Ukrainian competitors were included in the list of the world’s best rocketeers in the World Cup of space model sports.