Ukrainians rank among top 10 space modelers in the world

15 Nov 2023
Українські ракетомоделісти на етапі Кубку світу в Хорватії

Ukrainian competitors were included in the list of the world’s best rocketeers in the World Cup of space model sports. After five stages of competition, Ukrainians took 1st and 3rd places in two disciplines, while three more Ukrainians placed in the top 5, and another eight in the top 10.

The World Cup, which is held by the World Air Sports Federation (FAI), is one of the most important space model competitions for individual rocketeers. It consists of a whole series of international competitions held throughout the year in different countries.

The final stage of this year’s Cup took place in Slovakia in October. Ukrainians represented their country at five stages in Slovakia, Czechia, Croatia, and Bulgaria. Despite the difficulties with training caused by the full-scale war in Ukraine, our model rocketeers showed a high level of training and skill.

“At the World Cup, participants launch their rockets at least 9 times in between three and five stages. It is more difficult than at the World and European Championships, where competitors only fly three rounds. At this year’s World Cup, I managed to take 1st place in the S4 class and once again represent Ukraine on the podium of a world sporting competition!” says Rodion Struzman from Dnipro.

The results of the World Cup are formed by the best 3 stages individually for each model rocketeer, regardless of age category. Thus, Ukrainians achieved the following results:

In the boost/glide model class (S4A), the top 10 included:

1st place – Rodion Struzman from Dnipro (326 points)

5th place – Oleksandr Radchenko from Nizhyn (307 points)

7th place – Mykhailo Dubrovny from Nizhyn (295 points)

9th place – Oleksandr Cheh from Chernihiv (290 points)

In the streamer duration class (S6A):

Ihor Volkanov, President of the Ukrainian Spacemodelling Sports Federation from Dnipro, took 7th place (291 points).

In the most complex class of replica rocket models for realistic flight (S7), the following Ukrainians earned top-10 finishes:

4th place – Serhii Trush from Nizhyn (249 points)

5th place – Ivan Kiriyenko from Nizhyn (234 points)

6th place – Mykhailo Dubrovny from Nizhyn (203 points)

7th place – Stepan Ivchenko from Nizhyn (197 points)

In the class of models of radio-controlled rocket gliders for flight duration and landing accuracy (S8P), the top 10 included:

5th place – Oleksandr Cheh from Chernihiv (305.5 points)

7th place – Stepan Ivchenko from Nizhyn (304.7 points)

9th place – Igor Volkanov from Dnipro (302.8 points)

10th place – Oleksandr Radchenko from Nizhyn (279 points)

In the duration class of models with a rotor (S9A), Sofia Fisun from Dnipro took 3rd place (306 points).

“I had done aircraft modeling for a long time, and not long ago, I decided to try my hand at rocketry. At this year’s World Cup at the stage in Slovakia, I managed to take 1st place in the S8 class, and in Czechia  I earned a good result in the S4 class. The competition was impressive in that competitors designed and performed witht their space models independently. This sort of technical competition, where engineering also plays a role, is super engaging! We are preparing for the next season and for new victories,” says Oleksandr Cheh from Chernihiv, who took part in competitive space modeling for the first time.

Ukraine has approximately 1,400 model rocketeers. The development of spacemodeling as a sport and as a modern technical extracurricular discipline in our country is undertaken by the Ukrainian Spacemodelling Sports Federation in partnership with the NGO “Association Noosphere” with the support of philanthropist Max Polyakov. As a STEM discipline, model rocketry allows students to acquire basic knowledge of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and aerospace technologies, as well as to develop creative thinking. As a competitive endeavor, it allows Ukrainians to participate in international competitions and become part of the world community.