Creating a Startup Ecosystem within Noosphere Ventures

03 Apr 2015
Noosphere creates startup ecosystem

Start any new project is a difficult but interesting task that requires extraordinary knowledge and skills. The idea stage is the first stage of project development and it mostly relies on the author’s creativity. The next step, its implementation, requires an experienced and networked startup team.

Noosphere Ventures has partnered with the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Politechnik Institute” to create an integrated startup ecosystem to support young scientists, and the scientific and business communities.

There are already three projects in the ecosystem: The Startup School, The innovative projects competition the Sikorsky Challenge and the engineering startup competition the Vernadsky Challenge. Noosphere Ventures supports the Startup School and the Innovative projects competition Sikorsky Challenge. The last one, the Vernadsky Challenge competition is the brain child of Noosphere Ventures and was destined to become a unique development platform for creative and talented specialists who are ready to bring their design and engineering projects to life.

In the partnership between Noosphere Ventures and the Startup School and Sikorsky Challenge competition, Noosphere Ventures partner COO Irina Medyanaya became a speaker of the meeting hosted by the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Politechnik Institute”. Mrs Medyanaya spoke about her international innovative entrepreneurship experience and the development of the modern e-commerce market.

This is the first step that we have taken in our collaboration. We believe it will help the newcomers bring their ideas to life and obtain the required knowledge. Noosphere Ventures is ready to share their experience and plans on holding similar meetings on an ongoing basis.