Engineering startups: steps to success

14 Sep 2021

We’ve compiled an interesting infographic based on the panel discussion on the topic “Prospects for engineering startups in Ukraine and the world”  that was held as part of the 5th grand final of the Vernadsky Challenge.

The experts spoke about their vision of the topics discussed and shared personal experience and practical advice for those who dream of creating their own startup. And, of course, to succeed.

Taking part in the discussion was:

  • Michael Ryabokon, Ph.D – Co-founder and director of the NGO “Association Noosphere”.
  • Borys Davydenko – engineer and economist, editor-in-chief of
  • Dmytro Khmara – co-founder of Lunar Research Project and Space Cossacks start ups, co-author of MySatUA project, and multi-finalist of Vernadsky Challenge
  • Olexandr Butkalyuk -famous Ukrainian engineer and designer, one of the founders of the Mars Hopper project, founder of the Experimental Rocket Building Club.
  • Max Gerbut – inventor and entrepreneur in the field of energy efficient construction, smart homes, IoT, 3D printing, as well as being a specialist in marketing, physics, engineering, industrial design and business development
  • Serhiy Veretyuk, Ph. D. – Noosphere Engineering School Director.
  • Dmitry Gazda – CEO of Esper Bionics, Vernadsky Challenge 2019 winner.

The panelists were in solidarity that, despite all the risks and difficulties, it is worth believing in your work, going further and progressing bravely.

Learn more about the main points and conclusions of the panelists from our infographic. Also watch the full version of the discussion on our YouTube channel.