Full-dome Oscar: Planetarium Noosphere’s films will be shown at a prestigious international festival

19 Apr 2024

In June, the Czech city of Brno will host the International Fulldome Festival Brno 2024. Planetarium Noosphere is proud to be contributing three fulldome films that will be shown at the festival. Let’s talk about how they were made.

Brno festival audiences will enjoy Space Cruise, Space Weekend: New Home and Beyond the Sky: The Great Space Cleanup, based on the graphic novel by Jan and Joachim Checherski.

Space Cruise is an exciting journey through the solar system, during which viewers visit the main planets and several of their moons to learn about where it rains diamonds and where humans may be able to build space colonies in the future.

Space Weekend: New Home is a story about a  journey through the solar system in search of the best planet or moon for human colonization. Teenaged astronomy fanatic Isaac and his super-smart cat Clark embark on a space adventure to find a place that could one day become humanity’s new home.

Beyond the Sky: The Great Space Cleanup is  based on a graphic novel of the same name by Jan and Joachim Checherski, published by Association Noosphere. It tells about the inhabitants of an asteroid located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Ki and his dog Ra try to investigate where space garbage is coming from, why it is growing day by day, and what to do about it.

Creating full-dome films is a complex task that requires not only exceptional creative skill, but also substantial technical expertise. They thus have to be developed with the help of Planetarium space guides. The subjects of these films are chosen based on the latest discoveries in the field of astronomy and natural sciences so that audiences can immerse themselves not only in incredible cosmic landscapes, but also study astronomy.

Noosphere Planetarium space guides work on all the details, voice-over narration, the appearance of the characters, and their dialogue through every scene.

The video production studio plays a key role in the creation of full-dome films, creating the visuals, 3D objects, characters and scenes to ensure the highest quality of content and immersion.

The entire Noosphere Planetarium team is involved in creating the dubbing. Films and animated characters are voiced by our space guides. The video production studio records audio and voiceover, provides the dubbing, and combines all the parts into a full-fledged film.

Planetarium Noosphere is the only planetarium in Ukraine that creates popular full-dome science films and animations. It is therefore Ukraine’s representative at international film festivals.

Our full-dome films introduce viewers from all over the world to Ukrainian culture. It is important that they show our people’s fortitude even in the most difficult times. All of our full-dome films presented at international festivals were created during the full-scale invasion of our country in the midst of missile strikes and blackouts.

Last year, the Noosphere Planetarium presented the film Ukrainian Space at the same festival, introducing viewers from around the world not only to traditional Ukrainian ideas of the sky, but also to modern Ukrainian art with paintings by Oleh Shuplyak.