How Noosphere celebrated the Independence Day of the United States

07 Jul 2019

On July 4, stalwarts of NGO “Association Noosphere” celebrated United States Independence Day. Noosphere’s stalwarts are companies that successfully work and operate primarily in the US market. Thanks to their support and commitment to the Noosphere ideology, we have the opportunity to implement educational, social and scientific projects. That is why we have added American Independence Day to our portfolio of themed events.

This year, 4th of July was incredibly memorable, joyful and fun! 400 guests gathered in Dnipro to celebrate all together. In this article, we share memorable moments from the Independence Day celebration organized by Noosphere.

We approached the issue of holiday entertainment with seriousness: it should promote American culture in a fun and interesting way and, of course, be American-style! So, the guests were lucky enough to attend a master class from real baseball players to learn more about one of the most popular American games.

Together we competed in trivia about the culture and history of the USA in a quiz and made a real “treasure hunt” with the goal of finding the hidden symbols of America. We tested our intuition trying to guess the number of candy stars in a vase, and we all had a great laugh tossing ping pong balls across the table, trying to land them in a glass.

The funniest competition was the traditional speed-eating of an American burger. Of course, the food court served traditional American cuisine.

Memorable prizes were a nice bonus for the winners and participants in various activities.

As a main activity, we hosted a costume competition to make the holiday even more festive! To participate in it, guests ended up: dressing as the crown of the Statue of Liberty, donning a white and red top hat, a bright symbolic bow tie, or American glasses – this is just a small part of how they were able to surprise everyone. The location also helped to immerse in the national holiday of the United States: we decorated it with more than 50 American flags!

We will remember the celebration of the 2019 American Independence Day for a long time and would like to thank everyone who shared this holiday with us. 

See you soon!