How to get the most out of Las Vegas: tips from the WheelKeep team

06 Feb 2023
WheelKeep at CES

CES, the international consumer electronics exhibition, was held in Las Vegas in January. The team from Ukraine presented the Noosphere Engineering School project – the WheelKeep bicycle safety system.

International exhibitions like this are a great opportunity for startups to present their product to potential investors and customers. In addition, it is an opportunity to make useful and interesting acquaintances, as well as an opportunity to see trends and products from global technology giants and startups from other countries. It is important to properly prepare for and understand how such events work so that you can maximize your attendance and help your startup. 

These are the WheelKeep team’s tips:

1. Select a list of companies you want to meet. It is easy to become distracted, so make sure you identify your priorities. 

2. Bring business cards – more is better.

3. Consider the delivery or local production of banners. Ordering from the venue can save on delivery costs.

4. Instead of the usual flyers, you can use small but attractive branded swag. Small souvenirs attract more attention and won’t get lost among all the papers. 

5. Knowledge of English. It is important that each team member can confidently speak and communicate with visitors to the booth, and talk about the company, the product and prospects. 

6. Divide responsibilities within the team. Someone stays at the stand, someone does networking, someone communicates with your investors, and someone works with customers.

The WheelKeep team encourages new startups not to miss opportunities to attend exhibitions or conferences if their finances allow it. This will enable testing of the market and interest in the product. So, if necessary, you will be able to improve it or adjust the business strategy.