Members of the Noosphere Space Ecosystem at International Aerospace Salon

10 Nov 2021

The International Aerospace Salon “Aviasvit-XXI”, which took place in Kiev in the summer of 2021. Due to the pandemic quarantines it was very long-awaited event for the global space industry. 

During Aviasvit-XXI, Noosphere held the V Grand Finals Vernadsky Challenge.

The event was also attended by companies from the Noosphere Space Ecosystem, including representatives from Firefly Aerospace, SETS, EOS SAR, Flight Control, and Dragonfly Aerospace. Here is a graphical digest of some of the projects they presented:

It is necessary to note that 35 companies from 13 countries took part in the Aerospace Salon. One of the reasons for such interest to the event on the part of foreign guests was the fact that since 2019 in Ukraine privat companies can officially conduct activities in the field of space, creating favorable conditions for investment.