Noosphere and FRMS held main rocket modelling competitions in Ukraine

26 Jun 2018

Despite the sudden change of the 2018 World Championship date, FRMS and Noosphere managed to hold two major Ukrainian rocket modelling events at the same time. June 19-25 2018 became the date for Yangel cup (rocket modelling world cup) and Ukrainian rocket modelling championship.

11 adult teams and 7 junior teams took part in the Ukrainian championships. Teams represented Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Poltava, Sumy, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Cherkassy and Kherson districts.

So, the results of the championship of Ukraine are the following:

1 st place — Young Technicians Station team from Nyzhin;
2nd place — Dnipropetrovsk district team,
3rd place — Local Young Technicians station from Khristinovka;

1 st place — Nyzhin team;
2nd place — Dnipropetrovsk district team,
3rd place — Kherson city team.

As for Yangel cup, which is a rocket modelling sports world championship, holding it in Dnipro became a tradition. Yangel cup is 22nd rocket modelling competition this year. The cup united 46 athletes from Ukraine and Belarus.

Yangel Cup Results:

S4A category:

1st place — Sidorenko Vitaly
2nd place — Trush Serhii
3rd place —  Ivchenko Stepan

S6A category:

1st place — Bakerenkov Andrew
2nd place — Litvinenko Viktor
3rd place — Krupitsky Yuriy

S9A category:

1st place — Babikov Serhii
2nd place — Lavrinenko Maksym
3rd place — Melejik Veronica

S7 category:

1st place — Trush Serhii
2nd place — Pridannikov Denis
3rd place — Juravlev Vladislav

S8E/P category:

1st place — Sinelitsky Alexander
2nd place — Gahov Oleg
3rd place — Protsenko Kirill

S1A category:

1st place — Melejik Veronica
2nd place — Hladky Ihor
3rd place — Bidovsky Valerii

S1B category:

1st place — Babikov Serhii
2nd place — Pushkar Nikolai
3rd place — Melejik Veronica

Babikov Serhii from Kherson district became an absolute champion of Yangel Cup 2018. Association Noosphere prepared a special prize for him. Also, all the winners received medals, cups and diplomas.

Anyone can check the results of these and other rocket modelling events at the CupNavigator system page.

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