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23 Sep 2020
Noosphere Archaeology

This spring, Noosphere participated in the search for the burial site of Alexander Pol in Sevastopol Park of Dnipro, which was believed to be the site of the Lazarevska Сhurch. The search became a launching point for a new project under the scope of Noosphere Engineering School: Noosphere Archaeology. Association Noosphere co-founder Max Polyakov initiated the new venture. 

Noosphere Archaeology is a unique project in Ukraine which combines classical archaeology with modern non-invasive research methods. The project aims to advance archaeology in Ukrainian and facilitate the work of specialists in the field, as well as to help students of specialized education fields to acquire practical skills. 

In addition to the search for Alexander Pol’s final resting place, the enterprise has already joined another notable archaeological research venture. This summer, we joined the expedition to Mamai-Hora in the Zaporizhzhya region, one of the largest burial sites in Europe. 

As for the archaeological site in Dnipro’s Sevastopol Park, this autumn brought great news. During the celebration of Dnipro City Day on September 12, Dnipro city council chairman Borys Filatov stated that the search for the burial site of Alexander Pol has been successful. 

Noosphere Archaeology created a 3D image using ground-penetrating radar showing the exact location of the foundation of the Lazarevska Church, its size and other parameters. This significantly saved time and resources during further excavations. The Dnipro Archaeological Expedition has been excavating the foundation and crypts of the Lazarevska Сhurch for four months. They finally found 15 burial sites for clergy and prominent city residents, with one of them belonging to  Alexander Pol, public figure, philanthropist and the first honored citizen of Katerynoslav (now Dnipro).

“It is a great pleasure and honour for Noosphere to be a part of such an outstanding discovery and find. Through studying the history of the land we came from and its famous people, we can build a better tomorrow for generations to come. Modern technologies are great instruments in exploring our past and progressing to our future”, said Max Polyakov. 

Online events focused on technological solutions in archaeological research and other expeditions are only part of the project’s plans. Join us on Facebook and Instagram to get all the latest information.