Noosphere Art Rocket Park exhibit opening and Charity Auction launch

11 Oct 2021

The exhibition of rockets Noosphere Art Rocket Park opened in Gagarin Park on October 2 in Dnipro.

The display won’t last long: all exhibits can be purchased at a charity auction, which runs until December 1, 2021.

The funds raised will be used to create a children’s sports and play complex in Gagarin Park. You can join the charity event by visiting the auction site.

Throughout the holiday, guests can take part in a free draw for Noosphere souvenirs and snap some “space” pics. They may also find a mysterious 24th virtual rocket and get a gift from Noosphere.

In addition, there’s a scientific-interactive expozone courtesy of the Oles Gonchar Dnipro National University faculty.

But the focal adornments of the holiday are the 23 one-and-a-half meter rocket sculptures, painted by artists from all over the country.

Exhibit creators were chosen based on competition. Each artist worked in their own style, so the diversity of depictions is amazing: Petrykivka style, Maria Primachenko motifs, neocubism, street art, and even the “caraculegraphy” technique. Artists’ works reflected Ukrainian culture and history and incorporated Ukrainian images and symbols. Artworks also honored Ukraine’s association with space and scientific achievements.

The popular urban artist Zdesroy, known in Ukraine and abroad for his street art, depicted an angel on a rocket, commemorating the cultural heritage of Ukraine: “from ancient traditions to the voice of the modern streets”.

Local artist Anzhelika Bugaets, known for her colorful adornments of ordinary entryways around Dnipro, presented “Revival of the Dnieper Wave”, dedicated to the preservation of cultural monuments of our city.

The famous East Ukrainian muralist Pusht presented a piece dedicated to the picturesque scenery of his native land – “Symbol of Luhansk region” with an original image of a marmot in the center of the composition.

And the young artist Taras Bilous said that by combining an astronaut and a whale in his work “United World”, he wanted to draw attention to the whirlpool of rapid scientific and technological progress, and a reminder to not forget about the environmental situation on our planet.

As noted by the co-founder of Noosphere Michael Ryabokon at the grand opening of the exhibition, the purpose of the Noosphere Art Rocket Park project was to unite talented Ukrainian artists of different styles, and through their artistic vision to promote the space and rocket industry in Ukraine.