Noosphere at 2014 World Championships for Space Models: Advancing Innovations

03 Sep 2014

From August 22 to August 31 Noosphere was proud to accompany the Ukrainian amateur rocketry team at the 2014 FAI World Championships for Space Models Seniors and Juniors.

This years championships proved to be the largest amateur rocketry event ever. It welcomed 300 competitors from 20 countries to participate in the competitions. But few of them were able to best our Ukraine’s rocketry champions who brought home 9 awards including 2 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze medal. Not only did they win the big amount of awards, they also took gold in the S7 class, which requires these skilled craftsmen to construct exact copies of real rockets.

We came to the championships not only to support our team, but also to present a cutting-edge scoring system to the amateur rocketry community. In cooperation with the Spacemodelling Sport Federation of Ukraine, Noosphere has developed the CUP NAVIGATOR system. This innovative online scoring system is designed for high level competitions just like European Championships, or World Championships. It will be used at the 2015 FAI European Championships for Space Models, which we will be hosting in Ukraine.

CUP NAVIGATOR can also be used for international or local competitions in space models as well as in other aeromodelling sports. As an online system CUP NAVIGATOR:

  • provides complete and convenient forms for competition entry registration
  • guarantees transparency and unified approach for all of the competitors
  • allows immediate access to the results.
  • can also be displayed on any device anywhere around the world.

If you are a fellow aeromodelling enthusiast and you are interested in this innovative scoring system, watch the video review and leave your feedback at or send your comments to [email protected].