Noosphere Engineering School Has Started

19 Feb 2014
Noosphere Engineering School Has Started

At Noosphere, we firmly believe that knowledge is wasted when it isn’t shared. In order to fulfill this axiom we work hard to establish initiative which pursue this goal and we are proud to present one of our most important initiative in this area!

On February, 18, 2014 Noosphere launched an Engineering School for students. The School includes four laboratories, each of them is geared toward conducting research and discovering new solutions in IT systems development, space research, robotics and artificial intelligence and effective natural resource utilization.

The first laboratory to open its doors for students was the IT systems development laboratory, which is pioneering with the “Project management” program. 30 students from Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine will be investigating modern business issues, including business analysis and risk management with skilled and experienced mentors from our team.

One of the school mentors is Yuriy Letser. In addition to being a well-known IT expert, Yuriy has a lot of experience of teaching as a university professor. But education here is much different than what you find at traditional universities. Yuriy explains, “Here, in the Engineering School we are not lecturing. We are trying to share our experience, accumulated and appropriated over the last 14 years. We are not teaching. We are demonstrating how to make the right decisions. And we strongly believe that by so doing, we will generate new ideas and maybe, who knows, new projects.”

Students seem to be taking quickly to the new system of study. With more than 100 applications to study at the School, staff and educators selected 30 students based on their previous performance and an essay that accompanied each application.

So please join us in congratulating the 30 students from different universities in Dnipropetrovsk who have become the first students of Engineering School program. We are excited to see the projects and solutions to science and business problems that will be generated by this first class of students over the next 10 weeks. And we are also eager to see the opening of the other labs in the Engineering School.