Noosphere Games — a look at the new format

23 Sep 2021

On September 18, Noosphere successfully tested a new format of sporting events, Noosphere Games, on Monastyrsky Island in Dnipro!

This was the first time that we held competitions in different disciplines at the same time. Noosphere Games added a kayak race for IT specialists in singles and doubles, as well as an open beach soccer tournament.

Several hundred participants and spectators attended the sports festival. There was an interactive Forecast-Challenge available for everyone who attended: predicting the results of soccer matches.

And the tournament was really spectacular! The teams took the game really seriously and demonstrated a high calibre on the field.

We are especially pleased that the Noosphere team won a spot in the standings.

The top three winners are as follows:

1st place — “Vybir”

2nd place — “Copacabana”

3rd place — Noosphere team

As the Noosphere Games format included simultaneous events, the soccer tournament ran at the same time as kayaking races.

Three groups of athletes set off one after another from the beach on Monastyrsky Island. Their task was to paddle kayaks around the island, registering at checkpoints with special gauges. The single and double crews with the fastest recorded times took home prizes.

Top doubles teams were:

1 place 00:28:22 Eugene Guzovaty, “Shag” Academy/Anton Dzyuba, Skyrora

2nd place 00:31:49 Iryna Lopatenko/Dmytro Lopatenko, Finko

3rd place 00:36:55 Anton Mazin/Artem Guevsky, Web-Source Technology

Top singles:

1 place 00:29:10 Eugene Guzovaty, “Shag” Academy

2nd place 00:31:44 Artem Ponomarenko, IT freelance 

3rd place 00:33:16 Roman Savastru, Flight Control

All athletes received Noospherian souvenirs. Competitions and Forecast-Challenge winners all received prizes and special gifts. And all those who supported the event by coming out received a fascinating sports spectacle, many impressive moments and vivid emotions.

We are definitely looking forward to the next Noosphere Games, and we hope all this year’s participants are as well!