Noosphere Has Joined the International Conference on Advanced Training Response to Conflict and Security Challenges in Eastern Ukraine

19 Nov 2019

On November 11-15 the international conference on Emerging Technologies and Countermeasures to CBRN* agents: “Advanced Training Response to Conflict and Security Challenges in Eastern Ukraine” took place in Dnipro, Ukraine. The conference was supported by NATO, with partners including “Association Noosphere”.  

The conference lasted for 5 days and was held at these locations: Menorah Conference Center, Mechnikov Regional Clinical Hospital, Noosphere Engineering School, and Oles Honchar Dnipro National University. Participants were trained on how to respond to CBRN agents and discussed new security-related technologies in Ukrainian conflict zones. Communication between emerging technology experts from Ukraine and international consultants was also the focus of the conference. Of course, Noosphere experts joined the list of keynote speakers: 

  • Michael Ryabokon, Chairman of the Board at Noosphere, spoke about changing the world around us through a combination of knowledge and technology, and shared his experience in mentoring start-up ventures;
  • Kateryna Molodetska and Olha Stepanchenko, Heads of Noosphere Engineering School in Zhytomyr and Rivne respectively, spoke about women in STEM;
  • Alexander Vedmed’, Trident Defence, spoke about strategic and tactical analysis of the overlaying data from UAVs, satellites and Lidar;
  • Dmitriy Podvorchanskiy, MyPol, presented MyPol app and its functionality. 

One of the goals of the conference was to develop a training template for other NATO partner countries to implement in current and future conflicts. This event marked the first of a series to be continued in the future.

*Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear