Noosphere Welcomed Famous Space Exhibition Kids on the Moon for Unveiling the Renovated Gagarin Park in Dnipro

30 Sep 2019

This summer, “Association Noosphere” launched the redevelopment of Gagarin Park, a part of Dnipro National University. The long-neglected park was a great place for Noosphere to create a centre of education, leisure and recreation.

Thanks to the support of Noosphere founder Max Polyakov, the first part of the project: rejuvenated green areas; renewed park tracks and park lighting; bench placement; and garbage cans and wi-fi connection have all been completed. The second stage of renovation is underway and is slated to finish next year.    

Portuguese educational project Kids on the Moon joined Noosphere in unveiling the newly redesigned Gagarin park and became a part of BestRoboFest 2019 as well. Dnipro children joined 845 000+ kids all over the world in exploring space.

Kids on the Moon is an interactive exhibit on space exploration and the moon landing, in collaboration with the European Space Agency. The exhibition was officially launched in 2005 and has already been presented at 111 cities in 28 countries, and has been visited by more than 845 563 children worldwide.

The exhibit features a space shuttle model, where children can see what it’s like to be an astronaut. Kids can wear helmets and spacesuits, immersing themselves in the atmosphere of spaceflight. An authentic spacesuit is also part of the exhibit.

Other exhibits also include a detailed model of a real spacesuit and a large-scale diorama of the solar system.

Children from 5 to 12 years old (often with their families!) enjoyed the exhibit at BestRoboFest 2019 on September 7-8 and in Gagarin Park on September 12-22, both for free. Thanks to Noosphere, 5600+ children attended Kids on the Moon. 

The aim of the project is to showcase the fantastic journey of humankind in space exploration, and also draw children and adults to a fun and interactive education on space, which aligns with the goals and visions of Noosphere.