“On the Planet of Dreams Come True”

20 Apr 2022

In April, we held a series of free webinars based on the therapeutic fable “On the Planet of Dreams Come True”.

The online gatherings were hosted by a talented artist Tetiana Kramarenko, who co-authored this tale with her 6-year-old son.

Tetiana is already known within the Noosphere fandom — in 2021 she designed one of the art rockets, “Great opportunities hidden in chaos”, for the Noosphere Art Rocket Park exhibition.

The first webinar, held on April 6, was dedicated to reading the book “On the Planet of Dreams Come True”.

This teaching tale shows how we can better understand our goals, overcome obstacles on the way to our dreams, share happiness with others and discover the happiness that “lives” inside us.

The second episode on April 11 was an art therapy format: children did exercises along with Tetiana to develop imagination. Each child drew their own planet where their dreams come true.

On April 14, Tetiana talked to the children about the fact that the path to a dream has real actions. For example, to find a new habitable planet, you would need to start studying physics and astronomy, and to become a karate champion, you have to train your motor skills every day.

In total, 565 participants aged 4 to 10 registered for all three online editions (526 of them became new friends of Noosphere). More important than the numbers is that we learned: among these children are future doctors and railway workers, scientists and travel bloggers, teachers, journalists, musicians, veterinarians, soldiers, cooks… Little Ukrainians have hundreds of big dreams! And their thoughts strike with depth. We heard from the participants that only a person “smart, strong, brave and cheerful” can overcome difficulties. And, most importantly — “Ukrainians can not be defeated, because we are honest, strong and independent!”

Could there be better inspiration than such incredible energy of young dreamers and their confidence in a bright future?

We at Noosphere believe that many of these dreams will come true, and we will continue to help humanity develop and move forward!