Planetarium Noosphere: space travel in Dnipro’s heart

30 Jan 2024

The renovated Planetarium Noosphere has been operating in Dnipro for three years now. The restoration of the city planetarium was one of Noosphere’s landmark infrastructure projects with the support of its co-founder, entrepreneur and philanthropist Max Polyakov. On the anniversary of its grand re-opening, we’d like to talk about one of the best planetariums in Europe and its projects.

Star team

The entire Planetarium Noosphere team is united around a love of the universe and works to educate the next generation of space explorers. Space guides always know how to satisfy even the most inquisitive children and adults. Moreover, our interactive augmented reality-powered exhibits and  Star Hall with its unique full-dome screen leave thousands of visitors enchanted by the majesty of the cosmos.

Unique Mars zone

This is the only bilingual scientific exhibition in Ukraine dedicated to the Red Planet. It includes interactive games and even a model of a future settlement on Mars with greenhouses, equipment for exploring the planet’s interior, solar panels, and mobile wind farms.

Full-dome movies made by Planetarium Noosphere team

In 2023, the Planetarium Noosphere team created 2 full-dome movies: Star Cradle: From Atoms to Life and Space Cruise, as well as 2 full-dome animations: Space Weekend: New Home and Beyond the Sky: The Great Space Cleanup based on graphic novel by Jan and Joachim Checherski.

International film achievements

Two full-dome films produced by Planetarium Noosphere: Ukrainian Space and Our Space Address were presented at international festivals:

The Jena FullDome Festival – 2023, Yen (Germany),

Fulldome Festival Brno – 2023, Brno (Czech Republic),

Macon Film Festival – Macon, Georgia (USA).

Interactive and scientific exposition

The modern interactive exposition at the Planetarium Noosphere allows visitors to lay out routes for planetary rovers, control a spaceship, connect stars in constellation patterns to easily find them in the night sky, solve the mysteries of the Moon, learn to sort garbage, and test their knowledge about the Solar System.

The Planetarium Noosphere scientific exhibition is updated regularly. It is currently dedicated to space colonization and space ecology issues, and is complemented by two exclusive full-dome movies: Space Weekend: New Home and Beyond the Sky: The Great Space Cleanup.

Unique gift shop

Planetarium Noosphere space gift shop has more than 300 different products for every taste and age. Here you can buy space mugs, glasses, thermoses, key chains, lamps, projectors of the starry sky, puzzles, books, constructors, costume jewelry and much more.The shop also offers a gift ticket to any Planetarium Noosphere session, valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Planetarium’s social mission

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Planetarium Noosphere has opened its doors to those who were forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in the Dnipro. Free sessions for IDPs remain ongoing, and have so far attracted 8,500 people, including  7,000 children.

Since December 1, 2023, Planetarium Noosphere has expanded its social mission by introducing free space sessions (astronomy and natural science lessons) for students in grades 1-11 from the Dnipro and the region.