Practice Makes Perfect

09 Oct 2014
Project management by Noosphere Engineering School

Here at Noosphere we believe that by sharing our knowledge with others, we enlarge our own. And, we are uncompromising in following this principle.

On October, 7, 2014 the “Project management” program of the Noosphere Engineering School opened its doors to Ukrainian students for the second time. School mentors were working hard to improve the educational outcomes of the school and we hope that the second class will be even more successful than the first one.

This time 40 students from Dnipropetrovsk universities will dive into project management issues with experienced mentors from the Noosphere team. Over the next 10 weeks they will generate their own startup ideas and our mentors will guide them through the process, helping them avoid the common mistakes made by new enterprises. Noosphere specialists will also evaluate the students to identify the best and brightest and invite them to become part of our team.

The first project management class generated four exciting, innovative startup ideas. We are sure that the second one will be even more productive and we are excited to see what they will soon dream up with as these students look very promising. For example, Maxym Zhaboedov shared with us that in the very first lesson he already had some prospective ideas. “I was thinking of the modern educational system and ways to improve it. I hope that I will soon be able to come up with a good project that will captivate the IT sphere”.

Let’s congratulate all the students and mentors for a great start to the program and wish everyone good luck in revolutionizing the digital arena!