Presidents of Ukraine and Belarus visited the Noosphere space exhibition

04 Oct 2019

Noosphere presented the space developments of its stalwarts to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the Belarus Republic President Alexander Lukashenko on October 4th, 2019. Both presidents visited the company’s exhibition at the Second Forum of Regions of Ukraine and Belarus in Zhytomyr and also got Firefly Aerospace models of launch vehicles as a present.

Both presidents got closer with:
– Firefly launch vehicles for space flights
– a 100-kg optical satellite with a payload of 35 kg from FlightControl
– the installation of an electric motor from SETS with an input power of up to 1300 watts
–  illustrations of EOS DA satellite analytics app, which helps to rationalize the use of natural resources, optimize business expenses, and reduce the human influence on nature.

“We are thinking globally here at Noosphere. Our kind of thinking resonates with the Volodymyr Vernadsky theory of noosphere. Our stalwarts form a complete space production cycle: from small-lift launch rockets to optical and radar satellites.

It’s not just about trending the New Space business approach. It’s a philosophy of sharing the knowledge gathered by space monitoring of global processes taking place on our planet. We can, and we must influence these processes in order to help our planet and humanity itself” – says Max Polyakov, Member of Firefly Aerospace Directors Board and Noosphere founder.