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05 Jun 2024

Childhood holiday: how Noosphere Children’s Day went in Dnipro

NGO “Association Noosphere” and Planetarium Noosphere organized an educational and entertaining event

08 Apr 2024

Happy Birthday: Noosphere by the numbers

Over our years in existence, we have united a community of people who love science, space, technology and innovation. We held many events and achieved many successes together, and we’d like to tell our story in numbers.

26 Feb 2024

Supporting youth, developing education, investing in the future: Noosphere’s two years of the great war

Two years ago, Ukrainians’ lives were divided into before and after. However, despite the danger, difficulties, and air raid sirens, Ukrainians have not given in, but instead continue to live and develop their country with redoubled zeal.

28 Dec 2023

Space, robots, books, and art: A recap of Noosphere’s 2023

The past year has been full of challenges, interesting events, achievements and even records for Association Noosphere. We have a lot to remember and a lot to be proud of in 2023. So let’s share its highlights.

22 Dec 2023

Living with space debris. Lecture by ESA expert Tim Florer

Key points from a lecture by Tim Florer, head of the European Space Agency’s Space Debris Office.

02 Dec 2020

11 Noosphere Engineering Race finalists fight to come out winners

The second round of the Noosphere Engineering Race is complete, and the jury has named the 11 finalists who will advance in the competition. Noosphere Engineering Race (NER) is the first Ukrainian competition based on the American VEX constructor.