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02 Jun 2017

World Air Sports Federation (FAI) Holds Student Hackathon “Best Deviсe For FAI” with Help from Noosphere and Max Polyakov

On May 27, 2017, Association Noosphere hosted the student innovation tournament “Best Deviсe For FAI”. The tournament was dedicated to a specific tech challenge FAI is currently facing in Ballooning, which was tackled by six teams from the most prominent Ukrainian universities.

25 Apr 2017

Jamie Hyneman Joins Max Polyakov to Judge Best Hardware Startups at Vernadsky Challenge 2017

April 22 marked the finals of the third exciting engineering competition, Vernadsky Challenge 2017. After the prize fund was doubled to 2 million UAH in 2016, competition for the Vernadsky Challenge stiffened in 2017. This year’s competition finals were momentous for everyone involved as the legendary Mythbuster, Jamie Hyneman, attended the event.

02 May 2016

Max Polyakov announces the Vernadsky Challenge 2016 Winners and Doubles Grand Prizes

On April 24, the Ukrainian Youth National Aerospace Education Center in Dnipropetrovsk hosted the final event for the engineering startup competition, the Vernadsky Challenge. This was the second time the international competition has taken place. This year organizers received twice as many applications as 2015. Applicants hailed from a wider range of countries as well, including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Israel, Albania, India, and Armenia. The added interest of engineers and inventors, and increased publicity of the event, proved that we have found a meaningful and effective way to make the world a better place.

19 Apr 2016

Meet the Finalists of the Vernadsky Challenge 2016

The final battle of the engineering competition from Noosphere Ventures is coming soon! On April 24, the Ukrainian Youth National Aerospace Education Center (Dnipropetrovsk) will host the final event for the engineering start-up competition the Vernadsky Challenge.

29 Sep 2015

The First Finalist of Vernadsky Challenge

On September 19, 2015 Noosphere became a member of the expert panel in the IT conference Black Sea Summit.