Meet the Finalists of the Vernadsky Challenge 2016

19 Apr 2016
Noosphere introduces Vernadsky Challenge finalists

The final battle of the engineering competition from Noosphere Ventures is coming soon! On April 24, the Ukrainian Youth National Aerospace Education Center (Dnipropetrovsk) will host the final event for the engineering start-up competition the Vernadsky Challenge.

The competition has become more popular than ever. In 2015, we received 130 applications. In 2016, participants submitted 216 ideas. The chief experts for the competition are Max Polyakov, Managing Partner of Noosphere Ventures and Dmitry Sholomko, National Manager for Google Ukraine. Decisions will base on market potential of the projects, their focus on innovation, competition, and the quality of the presentation.

The panel of experts has chosen the 12 best start-ups to pitch their ideas at the final ceremony.

Meet the finalists of the competition:

  1. Double-mode Embedding Record technology – Allows uses to embed hidden graphics into digital photos using two-layer, color holograms.
  2. Alpha World – A PaaS system for managing GIS data in three-dimensional space.
  3. Medical Bioton device – Allows technicians to diagnose cardiovascular diseases.
  4. GatewayGhost – A hardware and software system that preventing external penetration of data-processing centers which contain biometric and personal information.
  5. Hideez Band – An electronic bracelet that combines the functions of a digital passport, a electronic key, passcards enciphering keys, etc.
  6. “The sun is available for everyone” – This project is based on the creation of solar collectors as a source of the cheap electric power.
  7. Sit&Fit – A step-exercise machine that also charges a laptop, helping people maintain an active lifestyle.
  8. TechNovator XE – A wireless system that transfers electric energy up to 5 meters.
  9. A Termodin system for remote, contactless measurement of temperature and power.
  10. The wind generator “The Hunter of Wind” – This invention can work in wind speeds under 7 meters per second.
  11. Multivizor WIDER – A mobile, multipurpose multimedia monoblock with a panoramic screen.
  12. Flawless App. A service for automating tasks during mobile application design.

The Vernadsky Challenge competition is one step closer to establishing a vibrant startup ecosystem. Noosphere Ventures believes that they will be able to identify unique projects and working prototypes that can dominate the world market. We will be sharing the knowledge gained with innovators as a team of professionals. Come and find out which ideas are worth the million in investment capital and the chance to work with support from our seasoned experts!