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01 Aug 2023

14 medals and team spirit: Ukrainian model rocketeers recount their successful World Championship in the US

Ukrainian model rocketeers, their mentors and partners talked about their preparations for the competition and the difficulties they overcame. 

14 Sep 2016

The 2016 FAI World Championships for Space Models

From August 21 to August 28 the FAI World Championship for Space Models took place in Lviv, Ukraine. The event advanced aeromodelling and amateur rocketry by introducing several new innovations to the field.

30 May 2016

Don’t Miss 1000 Spectacular Rocket Launches at the 2016 World Championships

On August 22-30, Ukraine will host the 2016 FAI World Space Models Championship for the first time. Noosphere is proud to be the partner of the Ukrainian Spacemodelling Sports Federation and supporting the amateur rocketry event in Ukraine. We invite all Lviv residents and visitors to a family-friendly holiday that will include breathtaking rocket launches, hands-on classes for children, and outdoor activities.

17 Dec 2014

CupNavigator Manages Hi-tech Sports Competitions

Noosphere specialists presented the CupNavigator scoring system at the general meeting of FAI office in Lausanne (Switzerland).

31 Jul 2014

Explosive Cup

From July 26 to July 28, 2014 one of Ukraine’s largest cities, Dnipropetrovsk, hosted the FAI’s XVIII M. K. Yangel Cup in amateur rocketry.

14 Apr 2014

Noosphere Organizes International Competition

We are excited to report that Noosphere won the bid and along with our partner, the Ukrainian Spacemodelling Sport Federation, we will be hosting the World Championships in amateur rocketry-2016 in Ukraine!