Noosphere Organizes International Competition

14 Apr 2014
Noosphere hosted amateur rocketry competition

We are excited to report that Noosphere along with our partner, the Ukrainian Spacemodelling Sport Federation, we will be hosting the World Championships in amateur rocketry-2016 in Ukraine!

It is rather symbolic, that the right to hold the World Championships was awarded to us on April, 12th, World Cosmonautics Day. Our presentation at the Aeromodelling Commission of International Aeronautical Federation (FAI) Plenary Meeting was successful despite strong bids from the Serbian and Romanian delegations. We received 23 votes, while Serbia and Romania scored 9 and 1, respectively.

In his speech at the Plenary Meeting our Co-Founder, and the First Vice-President of the Ukrainian Spacemodelling Sport Federation, Michael Ryabokon expressed confidence that Noosphere will advance the development of amateur rocketry worldwide: “We believe in the potential of this extraordinary sport to expand our horizons and encourage fruitful intellectual co-operation, not only between participants and model rocketry enthusiasts, but also in the entire international community. We have an experience organizing such large-scale events, including the Yangel Cup in amateur rocketry in 2013. In 2015 we will host the European Championship. We have gone even further in our partnership with amateur rocketry, combining this high-tech sport with IT systems and developed a Space Models (SM) Scoring System.”

SM Scoring is an automated system that records scores and displays the results in real time. With the help of this system amateur rocketry sportsmen, as well as the audience, will be able to enjoy higher transparency and efficiency during the competitions. It is an exciting application of cutting-edge technology for this sport, as previously all scores had to be entered manually. The automated scoring system will be tested at the Yangel Cup in amateur rocketry this summer.

Check back regularly to get the latest news of our preparations for the Championships in amateur rocketry!

Visit the Ukrainian Spacemodelling Sport Federation website for more information and spectacular photos of space models launches!