Engineering School First Lab: Look Back

09 Jun 2014
Engineering School First Lab_ Look Back

The inaugural group of the first Noosphere Engineering School laboratory has officially finished and we are ready to give a quick summary of how things turned out. The 10-week investigation and project planning session of the IT systems development laboratory allowed our 30 student-pioneers to attend 20 lectures delivered by 12 product specialists. Divided into 4 groups, they spent more than 30 hours on their practicums and in designing their own start up initiatives under the close direction of our mentors.

We were so proud of each of their startup ideas, that we decided to share them with you, starting with the winning one.

The winning team of the Noosphere Engineering School “Immortals” developed a business plan for a high-tech entertainment platform. It is a real-time game played by remotely controlling real robots via telephone, tablet or PC. The user can play with the robots by himself or fight with friends virtually or in real-time. The team believes that in a few years robots will be our new everyday reality. And so do we, which is why we plan on launching a robotics lab in the Engineering School.

The runner up team in the Engineering School race was the “ToBiDam” team for their idea of an online barter exchange website. This service allows users exchange goods and favors in trade. The users can also rank fellow barterers to help others decide which barterer to choose. Services like this are becoming more widespread in the USA and in Europe, but they are still a fairly new idea, especially ones that are integrated into social networks like the ToBiDam project plans to be.

The most creative idea came up with “MIRLE”. Maximum Individual Resultative Education is a free educational service which provides students with whatever information is needed at any given time of their education. Unlike Coursera or Wikipedia the information is compiled from many resources, allowing complete access to the most important information. At the same time, the service takes into account the user’s preferences for information presentation which can include articles, videos or online educational courses. This eager group even made an animation to promote their idea.

The “Yourcareer” team designed a job search engine for students to find internships, part-time work or even their first job. The team was interested in finding out what the demand for a service like this would be, so they decided to take a short poll among their friends and classmates. The results were amazing: 95 % of students said that they are really in need of a service like Yourcareer, so we are excited that our student’s idea is especially relevant!

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this is that the Engineering School students are continuing to work on their startups, so we will soon see these ideas grow into fruition. So, don’t forget to visit the website Noosphere Engineering School and social networking accounts for more news!