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12 Feb 2024

Augmented reality and educational apps: what the young women of Noosphere Engineering School are working on

In honor of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we would like to tell you about the female students and mentors of Noosphere Engineering School.

24 May 2023

“With the advent of the Internet, people thought that the era of enlightenment would begin, but instead they got cats on TikTok”, – Serhiy Veretiuk about the future of technology

Can we predict what the future will hold? How can we usher in world-changing ideas? Can artificial intelligence solve all of our problems? Serhii Veretiuk, head of the Noosphere Engineering School network, takes on these and other critical questions.

26 Nov 2020

Fifth Star Track announces winners

Noosphere traditionally holds Star Track, an innovative tournament in rocketry and space technology, in November. On November 21, the fifth such tournament was held virtually, due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, 37 participants from Dnipro, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and Cherkasy presented 13 projects at the event.

24 Jul 2020

Noosphere Organizes Various Virtual Events During the Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has affected Noosphere’s schedule of events for 2020. Some have been postponed for the fall, while for others we were able to either join or create an online format. We will talk about each of them below.

05 Jun 2020

Noosphere Engineering School Mentors Assemble Face Shields for Healthcare Professionals

We have already talked about some of the innovative solutions developed at Noosphere Engineering School to confront the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. In this article, we share more on how the school uses innovations in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

13 May 2020

Noosphere Engineering School Has Developed Innovative Solutions to Improve the Health Care System

The health care systems in different countries are facing real challenges due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. In times like these, we need to work together to create innovative solutions that can easily address these new issues. Students and mentors of Noosphere Engineering Schools are already working towards such solutions.