Noosphere Engineering School Has Developed Innovative Solutions to Improve the Health Care System

13 May 2020
Noosphere Engineering School

The health care systems in different countries are facing real challenges due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Society needs additional protection to be safe and stay healthy, and authorities and hospitals seek to provide such protection to every citizen of their country. In times like these, we need to work together to create innovative solutions that can easily address these new issues. Students and mentors of Noosphere Engineering School are already working towards such solutions. This article explores each of them. 

Corona Scanner

Corona Scanner is a mobile app and web service for tracking the needs of citizens and hospitals and quickly meeting those needs. The app was developed at the Noosphere Engineering School in Rivne. The idea creators are Volodymyr Shevchuk and Oleksandr Kolenchuk, who had already worked on other projects at the school. 

Corona Scanner has broad capabilities and is intended to solve issues from several angles. First, the app will enable people across Ukraine to update others about their health conditions. They input their age, location, temperature, and describe their symptoms. In return, these people receive information about the nearest doctors, self-isolation information, and recommendations from the Ministry of Health. Citizens also can share their needs for products, aid, or medical care. Social workers and/or volunteers can monitor this information and provide the necessary assistance. Second, doctors will have the opportunity to display the requirements and resources of their hospital and its departments. They can also indicate the updated numbers of patients, suspected cases, and people who have recovered. Finally, the authority can verify and monitor all the information in real-time.

Infusion Light 

Infusion Light is a hardware-software complex that easily integrates into an infusion system and automatically calculates the volume and speed of the medication delivery process through the dropper. The concept for the device came from students at Dnipro National ‘Oles Gonchar’ University – Bogdan Lisitsyn, Peter Lisitsyns, and Irina Karjaka. They approached the Noosphere Engineering School in Dnipro to turn their idea into reality and together with Noosphere mentors they developed a prototype.

Infusion Light will allow nurses to automate the process of medication delivery through a dropper and remotely manage this process in all hospital patients. The Infusion Light system includes two parts: a dispenser that is attached to a dropper and works without a network connection, and a mobile app that immediately notifies nurses of a scheduled termination of delivery, a change in the infusion rate or an unplanned stoppage. The app displays the operation of all active droppers. Such automatization will help nurses reduce the time they spend monitoring medication delivery to all patients and focus on other tasks. 

We hope that both of these developments will improve the health care system. The Corona Scanner will help to monitor public health conditions and the needs of citizens and hospitals to quickly address them. Infusion Light will help to automate some processes and minimize the time spent treating each patient.

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