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22 Apr 2019

Vernadsky Challenge 2019: new cities, new rules, new talents

After a break from 2017, the engineering startup competition Vernadsky Challenge took place in Kyiv as a part of Noosphere Space Summit.

04 Sep 2015

Innovative Solutions Are Around the Corner

Noosphere Ventures is excited to announce that the Vernadsky Challenge committee is now accepting applications for participation in the second round of their engineering startup competition.

01 May 2015

The Best Ideas of the Vernadsky Challenge

On April 24, Ukrainian Youth National Aerospace Education Center (Dnipropetrovsk) hosted the final event for the engineering and IT start-ups competition the Vernadsky Challenge.

19 Feb 2015

The Vernadsky Challenge, a social initiative from Max Polyakov and Dmitry Sholomko!

Every new invention is one step closer to new discoveries and achievements. The Noosphere Ventures is excited to inform you about the launch of the engineering start-up competition the Vernadsky Challenge!

02 Jan 2015

New Ideas Create the Future

The innovative ideas are designed to meet global, technological challenges which is one of the main goals of our students. We are proud of each of our young inventors and excited to tell you about the projects they are planning to develop.

19 Jun 2014

Engineering School – Place to Share Ideas

If you really want to gauge the quality of an educational institution, just ask the students. If you want to find out what Noosphere Engineering School is really about, ask its recent graduates!