New Ideas Create the Future

02 Jan 2015

The first month of winter brought not only a fresh crisp wind, but several fresh new ideas. On December 12, students from the Microcontroller Devices program presented their spring projects. The event was very exciting for Noosphere since this is the first class of the program and our young inventors will be breaking new ground.

In the beginning of February our students will get going on their projects in the new Noosphere Engineering School laboratories. With the new, state-of-the-art labs the course promised to be exciting for both the participants and the organizers and our mentors help the young inventors bring their ideas to life.

The innovative ideas are designed to meet global, technological challenges which is one of the main goals of our students. They have already announced their projects which cover several different aspects of human life and activity. We are proud of each of our young inventors and excited to tell you about the projects they are planning to develop.

Solar panel angle controller: This device is designed to make batteries attached to solar panels more efficient. The estimated rate of efficiency increase is 30-50% and will allow them to generate power the whole year round.

Ultrasonic thermal energy meter: Accurately measuring the thermal energy of a liquid passing through conduit has always been difficult. This device will be able to be used in liquid, open or closed systems, currently used in residential, public, municipal buildings, and in industrial complexes.

Functional generator with adjustable power supply: Not only will it produce usable electricity, it will be able to produce sinusoidal, rectangular and triangular form signals with an adjustable frequency, amplitude and phase. This generator can be used in engineering design and testing for electronic devices, simulations and training.

Holographic sphere: The operating principle of this device comes from the principle of vision inertia, the ability of the human eye to merge quickly changing images into the one fixed image. The scope of this little wonder will be for various exhibitions, presentations and conferences.

Daily arterial pressure monitor: The advantages of this device are its low cost, compact size, the use of modern technologies to optimize energy consumption.

Convenient 3D scanner: Soon you will be able to scan complex objects with a very high degree of accuracy, as well as three-dimensional models of construction details.

“Black Cat”: This is a device that is being designed for cars. In the event of an accident, it records relevant data and sends an automatic distress call to Emergency Services.

We are sure that all of the projects presented by our students, will help drive innovation and technological development. We never want to be left standing still and Noosphere is eager to support anyone who has an idea and a vision to create something great for the future. Let’s move forward together and bring the Noosphere philosophy to all mankind!