Young Talent, New Achievements

26 Dec 2014

Noosphere tries to support young talent and new ideas. On December 11 mentors chose the best project from the second class of the Noosphere Engineering School’s Project Management program.

Students spent 10 weeks preparing their projects and have had to get used to working together in a team, generate ideas and create their business plans. At the end of the course the 5 teams of students presented their projects to our mentors. Despite being competitors, they were all united in their mutual goal to understand what they wanted to achieve and find a way to make it happen.

5th place was taken by the “Math. Coffee. Programming” team with their project “Fast Translated Subtitles”. The platform helps freelance translators and the authors of foreign media content to easily work together. The service will be useful for all participants. It will allow freelancers to constant get new work while clients will be able to attract new followers and users will have high-quality and easy-to-read subtitles.

4th place went to “ATORI” team with their project “3D online workshop”. The service enables users to model and try on various examples of clothing styles, as well as order comfortable, hard to find and beautiful clothing from fashion centers all over the world.

3rd place honors was awarded to the team “SmartCall” which is also the name of their application. SmartCall can help manage expenses for mobile services, keep statistics and chose the best calling plan basing on the information it collects. Applications like this already exist, but not in Ukraine. In addition, our students have improved its functionality to obtain more up-to-date and easy-to-use services.

2nd place position was taken by the “VirtVille” game. This is a multiuser social and economic strategy game, developed for Android and IOS mobile platforms. The catch is that because is uses Google maps to integrate with the game, it makes it possible to create a new virtual world, based on real information.

And the winners was “Unicorn Brotherhood” with their project “Challenge UP!”. This is a kind of social network, where users can challenge each other, hold various promotional activities, and discuss and organize flashmobs and social games or contests. The team has already found their first partners and has started to put their idea into practice.

Noosphere is excited to congratulate the “Unicorn Brotherhood” team on their well-deserved victory. We hope all of the participants continue to pursue their ideas and are successful in realizing their goals. Your success will become one more example of how important it is to gather like-minded people who want to learn how to take on large endeavors that they believe in.