CupNavigator Manages Hi-tech Sports Competitions

17 Dec 2014
Noosphere presented CupNavigator scoring system

European representatives were introduced to the new CupNavigator System developed by Noosphere. The FAI and Noosphere, as the partner of Ukrainian Spacemodelling Federation, discussed cooperation details.

Noosphere specialists presented the CupNavigator scoring system at the general meeting of FAI office in Lausanne (Switzerland).

The system was tested using a demo account which is available for anyone who is interested in taking it for a test drive including organizers and participants of Championships at any level.

The website is now fully adapted to all kinds of amateur rocketry sports and includes features to manage all data for the competitions like, team and member’ applications, competitor results and can even track historical results for each participant. One of the most exciting features is that it allows anyone to see competition results in the real time, reducing the risk of human error or unfair judges.

People who have started using CupNavigator have been impressed and are excited to adopt it into their competitions as well. It is sure to prove useful in unifying scoring and data storage for all FAI disciplines. To continue to improve the product and adapt it to other aeronautical sports, CupNavigator specialists are working out on it and are excited to hear your feedback and requests.

Check out our new video about CupNavigator, its functions and advantages below.