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04 Sep 2015
Noosphere invites to join Vernadsky Challenge

Noosphere Ventures is excited to announce that the Vernadsky Challenge committee is now accepting applications for participation in the second round of their engineering startup competition.

The qualification period started September 1, 2015 and will end March 1, 2016.

The Vernadsky Challenge is a unique development platform, designed to find the best ideas and bring them to life with the help of our industry experience and knowledge.

The first round of the Vernadsky Challenge competition was held in April 2015 and brought together more than 300 innovators and highly qualified specialists from different countries. For 10 weeks the participants sent in more than 130 applications with unique ideas. But only three of them were able to combine innovations with a professional approach to become the winners of the competition. The team members from the winning projects are still hard at it and now are trying to garner global recognition.

Noosphere Ventures believes that this round of the Vernadsky Challenge will help to reveal even more breathtaking ideas as well as find people who are striving to turn their projects into successful start-ups.

We wish everyone who joins the challenge good luck and are excited to see your new applications!

Find more detailed information about the competition here.