Engineering School – Place to Share Ideas

19 Jun 2014
Noosphere Engineering School for sharing ideas

If you really want to gauge the quality of an educational institution, just ask the students. If you want to find out what Noosphere Engineering School is really about, ask its recent graduates!

This is why we decided to interview some of our top students – the winners of the individual competition that was held within the framework of Project Management program. One talented winner, Alexey Shkurko from the “Yourcareer” team, designing a job search engine for students and young people who are just entering the workforce. Not one to shy from attention, Alexey admitted that he was excited to share his experience with us in an exclusive, one-on-one interview.

N.: What is the Engineering School for you?
A.: It is a place, where people share their ideas.

N.: Is there something other than ideas that you’ve been able to take away from your participation in this program?
A.: Sure! I would highlight 3 points: interesting people, self-confidence, and the motivation to move forward.

N.: Does this mean that the Engineering School has somehow influenced goals and plans for the future?
A.: Yes. Just after finishing the school, I started collaborating with a startup company named “rollApp.” I can’t give you any details right now, but I can tell you that the knowledge and skills taken from the Engineering School lectures and practicums are already proving useful in my job. And of course these few months in the School tipped the scales on my decision to dive into the IT sphere. I want to develop my skills in this and in similar spheres. That’s why I am thinking of attending the “Usability and user behavior analysis” program at Engineering School.

N.: Can you give any advice to future Noosphere Engineering School students?
A.: I would advise them to be curious and persistent. And never be afraid to make mistakes.

Marina Makeyeva from the “ToBiDam” team, which designed an online barter exchange website, shared her impressions too.

N.: If you were asked to describe the Engineering School in a few words, what words would they be?
M.: The School of leaders development.

N.: What practical tips did the School give you?
M.: I’ve learned the key elements of IT project creation. And I know now how to plan and promote it. The School was a great chance for me to make sure that I want to pursue a career in the digital sphere. I want to manage projects, that will be useful for people.

N.: Do you plan to visit other Engineering School programs?
M.: Yes, “Usability and user behavior analysis” and “Data mining” both look very interesting.

N.: What students of Engineering School should do to achieve some great results like you?
M.: You must soak in all the information and put it into practice immediately. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas, even if they seem out there. And you should put your whole self into your team and share all your knowledge and skills.