Don’t Miss 1000 Spectacular Rocket Launches at the 2016 World Championships

30 May 2016

On August 22-30, Ukraine will host the 2016 FAI World Space Models Championships for the first time. Noosphere is proud to be the partner of the Ukrainian Spacemodelling Sports Federation and supporting the amateur rocketry event in Ukraine. We invite all Lviv residents and visitors to a family-friendly holiday that will include breathtaking rocket launches, hands-on classes for children, and outdoor activities.

The 2016 FAI world Space Models Championships will take place in Lviv, Ukraine. The 100 000 sq m competition field will be divided into several zones for main competition, guest area, an area for launches, exhibits and so on.

The event will welcome more than 300 competitors from 20 teams and 20 countries all around the world including the USA, Japan, China, and Canada. The highlights of the championships will include more than 1000 spectacular rocket launches.

The opening ceremony and gala concert will take place on August, 22 at 7 pm in Lviv.
On Ukrainian Independence Day, 24th of August, a special fun competition of S2/P rockets carrying eggs will be launched. The winner will have to safely return their golden centered cargo back to Earth unbroken. The event will be open to everyone, not just the competitors of the competition. Participants will need to design their own rockets and launch them to take home their piece of the 4000-euro prize fund!

From 25th through 28th of August, contests for the longest flight duration, highest launch and most realistic model rocket will be held.
These amazing launches along with the Copter Race, paint fights and classes for children will be sure to entertain families and spectators throughout the event.
Noosphere is sure that the 2016 FAI World Space Models Championships will provide guests and participants with an unforgettable event. We hope that the competitors from all around the world will enjoy warm the hospitality of their host country.

Amateur rocketry combines strong mental preparation with the great outdoors. We are proud to help popularize this highly-skilled sport among young enthusiasts. The future belongs to those who overcome the gravity of this world’s challenges and launch their dreams to new heights where they can always come true.