ArtOS Software Protecting National Security

18 May 2016
Noosphere Engineering School developed ArtOS

Developers from the Noosphere Engineering School in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine have designed a specialized piece of software for artillery teams, intelligence officers, and topographical surveyors. The ArtOS software is currently being used to automatically control artillery guns in the field.

ArtOS software has helped reduce the time it takes to acquire a target and fire by up to four times. The system also minimizes potential mistakes while calculating the location of a potential target. ArtOS was designed under Noosphere’s social initiative.

On April 2016, a modern military equipment exhibition was held on a military base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. ArtOS was given a place of honor along with other modern military equipment. It drew a great deal of attention as a unique project, which can automate and an entire artillery team’s performance and immediately help carry out a combat mission.

The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, and the Minister of Defence, Stepan Poltorak, expressed appreciation for the efforts of the military professionals, inventors, and enthusiasts responsible for the product. 6 developpers, 3 engineers, 2 content writers, 2 mathematicians, and 1 military engineer were took part in the project design and implementation. The head of the project was Yaroslav Sherstyuk, a staff officer at the development department for rocket troops and artillery with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Officers used to be forced to calculate all the necessary parameters themselves. ArtOS not only makes all the calculations automatically, but also transfers the calculations directly to the machinery,” said Yaroslav Sherstyuk, the mastermind and designer of ArtOS.
The entire team worked hard to bring the idea to life, taking less than one year to make a working prototype. Many volunteers and consultants from the Armed Forces of Ukraine were also involved in testing the project before it was put into use by several units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.