My Police App Will Help People Feel Safe

09 Jun 2016
Noosphere Engineering School developed My Police

Noosphere Engineering School has developed the My Police app. The service for mobile phones has an emergency button which allows remote monitoring and assessment by police to improve their performance. Using the app, if a person who witnesses a crime, can inform the police immediately. The free mobile application will be available on Google Play and AppStore on August 24. Dnipro, Ukraine is supposed to be the first city to implement My Police in daily operations.

The service provides a direct connection with the police 24/7. The “Active witness” function allows citizens to document the crime through photos and videos and immediately pass the information on to the police. The service has a map of the police stations, medical assistance stations and the latest police news.

The SOS button will pass the data (identity and location) from the user’s profile directly to police patrol dispatch. This will save people time explaining the situation during a call to the police.

“The SOS button is supposed to only be used in cases of mortal danger, a threat to life or health. There are further ideas to modify the button so that the system will be able indicate the reason for the call to the police according to the level of emergency. Those who use the emergency call without a serious reason, will not be able to use this button in the future,” explained mastermind and developer, Dmitry Podvorchansky.

The Noosphere Team has been working closely with Vladimir Bohonys, head of the Dnipro police patrol. Bohonys has been sharing his many years of experience with the engineers and young, talented students of the Noosphere Engineering School.

“The idea of sharing knowledge and making the world around us even better is the foundation of the company’s policy. That is why we made the decision and are now developing the My Police application. Podvorchansky suggested making a system that will help people feel safe. My Police allows people to evaluate the actions of the police along with providing the opportunity to assist their performance,” said Michael Ryabokon, Co-Founder of Noosphere.

We believe that in the future our free app will be used on every cellphone to help reduce crime rates significantly.