The BEST Partner

21 Nov 2013
Noosphere and BEST Engineering Competition

Noosphere is partnering to present the annual European BEST Engineering Competition organized by the international student organization, BEST. As part of the European tour, Zaporizhya, Ukraine is playing host to this unique event from November 18th to 22nd.

The ingenuity of the event is found in its ability to establish active collaboration between educational and business participants. Over five intensive days participants compete in two categories: a Case Study and a Team Design problem. In the former, students are required to solve an analytical case study through team discussions and to present their solutions to the problem. In the latter participants must design a technical structure within a limited time frame.

The Noosphere team is particularly interested in the Case Study as it will allow to combine theory and practice to come up with truly original solutions to existing problems. At this years competition student will be given real, practical problems experienced by some of the e-commerce partners we work with as their Case Studies.

By taking part in this type of project, Noosphere is working to fulfill one of their core organization axioms: to develop knowledge through the merging of science, education and modern business approaches. We have established several projects, pursuing similar goals including an Engineering School for students. This school strives to combine education and innovation to spur research and discover new solutions to common problems.

Let’s wish the students good luck as they work on our case! We look forward to seeing your new, creative ideas!