Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov Co–founder
Noosphere proponent
International Economics PhD

Dr. Max Polyakov Is A Successful Entrepreneur, Investor, And Philanthropist

He embodies the philosophical wisdom of Vladimir Vernadsky and his Noosphere concept. Max Polyakov is the author of more than 30 research papers on the knowledge economy, co-authored a dozen US patents, and is a driving inspiration behind the business philosophy of Earth Observer Vision.

In 2013 Max Polyakov was awarded a Ph.D. in International Economics. The topic of his thesis was A Paradigm Model for Information Technology Development in the Global Economy and Forms for its Realization. A few years later in 2019, Max Polyakov earned a Doctor of Economic Sciences with the thesis topic Global Determinants of the Knowledge Economy Formation and Development.

In his scientific research, Dr. Max Polyakov regards the knowledge economy as an economic organizational type of society where knowledge is a key resource. The processes of production, distribution, and diffusion are crucial. This creates definitive areas of activity and a system of socioeconomic relations.

BestRoboFest by Max Polyakov and Noosphere

Foundation of Max Polyakov’s scientific research

As an academician and practitioner, Max Polyakov realizes that today’s world is at a stage where the sphere of innovative development of physical phenomena is shrinking. This is due to the gradual depletion of the fundamental knowledge stock, acquired in the paradigm phase of cognition. At the same time, the sphere of informational phenomena, which cognition is in the pre-paradigmatic empirical-heuristic phase, is still developing at a slow pace. The slowing of cognition limits the possibilities of economic and social development. All this has generated the emergence of numerous scientific disciplines that are difficult to arrange.

Volodymyr Vernadsky’s Noosphere shapes Max Polyakov’s Vision

To solve this problem, Dr. Max Polyakov, as an academician and head of a scientific school, proposes a comprehensive model relevant to the current moment. The model integrates cognition and management, as well as the convergence of natural sciences and humanitarian knowledge. Dr. Max Polyakov’s model is based on Vernadsky’s notion of “Noosphere”. The noosphere concept represents an image of the world that connects society with wildlife and inanimate nature through the paradigm of sign construction. The development of this image is governed by phylogenesis and ontogenesis knowledge models. The ideas of Georg Hegel (ascent from the abstract to the concrete), Karl Marx (transformed forms of consciousness), Alexei Losev (philosophy of name), Thomas Kuhn (the structure of scientific revolutions), Merab Mamardashvili (the quasi-physical effects of non-physical phenomena), and Lyndon LaRouche (physical economics) are all integrated into this model.

Dr. Max Polyakov’s quasi-physical model of cognition has been approved at conferences and publications in the USA, European Union, China, etc. Currently, Dr. Max Polyakov and his scientific school are developing and implementing the model into practice to solve both theoretical and practical problems. This model laid the foundation for the creation of the Noosphere ecosystem – an environment favorable for startup development in Ukraine.

Max Polyakov

The ecosystem includes activities for youth and also for enthusiastic engineers to encourage studying and pursuing STEM careers, as well as help develop ideas into successful projects. It also brings together successful companies – stalwarts – who follow the Noosphere philosophy and are ready to share knowledge and industry expertise to help young teams bring their ideas into reality.

Noosphere Engineering School – a series of cutting-edge technology laboratories based in Ukrainian universities, Vernadsky Challenge - engineering startup competition with a grant award of 2 mln UAH, and BestRoboFest – a family festival with robotics competitions with both young and adult participants, have each become flagships of the ecosystem and gather thousands of people across Ukraine every year.

From the very first step, the Noosphere ecosystem has evolved into a worldwide movement that collaborates with a number of international organizations and hosts numerous international events. Thus, in 2015 the FAI European Championship for Space Models was held in Ukraine for the first time. Following the success of the FAI European Championships, Noosphere hosted the 2016 FAI World Championships for Space Models in Lviv, Ukraine. In 2017, Noosphere became a technical partner with the FAI and Dr. Max Polyakov was recognized as FAI Companion of Honour.

Max Polyakov

Passion for space and engineering has been a significant motivation for the Noosphere movement. The renovations of the Planetarium and Gagarin Park in Dnipro city, accomplished with the support of Max Polyakov, are just the latest of them.

Under Dr. Max Polyakov’s direction, the Noosphere ecosystem will continue to create new opportunities for developing innovative solutions and scientific approaches, thanks to his vision and strong business undertakings. Max Polyakov is the founder of Noosphere Venture Partners, EOS Data Analytics, SETS, Renatus, Maxpay, Firefly Aerospace, Clickdealer, Maxymiser, Murka, and many other companies. During his 20-plus years in business, he has created dozens of successful ventures and partnerships which have created new opportunities for innovative development and the spread of scientific knowledge.