With love for Dnipro: Noosphere publishes a book about its hometown

18 Sep 2023
Книга, видана Noosphere

In honor of Dnipro’s City Day, Association Noosphere has created a book titled I Love Dnipro. It is one of the few English-language books about the city, which includes sections on both its history and modern life. The presentation took place at the Dnipro City History Museum.

I Love Dnipro includes 68 pages and 138 short articles on seven topics covering the city’s  history, culture, traditions, places of interest, and notable Dniprans.

“Dnipro is the hometown of our organization. Co-founder of Association Noosphere, entrepreneur, scientist and philanthropist Dr. Max Polyakov, believes that it is necessary to help and support the place we call home, which is also the cradle of Ukrainian space. We have implemented this vision by renovating the city  Planetarium and Gagarin Park and holding international events in Dnipro. Today,  we are making modern history here. The book is an attempt to reflect these transformations of the city,” explained Association Noosphere’s head of social projects, Olga Zyma.

I Love Dnipro is not a long and dense historical tome. We chose to create it as a collection of short articles which readers can use to quickly form an understanding of  the city and feel its atmosphere. This is reflected in the composition, text and heading styles, and the design of the book. This is the optimal way to introduce foreign guests to our beloved city.

Since the beginning of the war, Dnipro has received many visitors from abroad, as it has become the main hub of the war effort in east-central Ukraine, as well as a major humanitarian nexus. Every day in Dnipro, doctors save the lives of our defenders, volunteers help the military with equipment and ammunition, and caring people provide for those who were forced to leave their homes.

One of the chapters of the book is dedicated to these new aspects of Dnipro life. Despite the war, the city continues to live and develop. Museums and galleries are open, and events take place as far as safety rules allow. The pages of  I Love Dnipro discuss the city’s culture, the transformation of its urban space, as well as significant events and social initiatives. 

To ensure the book’s historical authenticity, Noosphere asked for expertise from the deputy director of the Dnipro History Museum, Sviatoslav Chyruk. He carried out fact-checking and scientific editing of articles.

“This book is a very special and interesting read. It is intended primarily for foreigners,  in particular because it is published in English. And it is also for people who are used to Internet. Despite being a printed text, the book is designed for people who are used to receiving information quickly and easily,” he said.

You can buy the book at the Noosphere Store online shop, and soon at the Dnipro History Museum. All profits from its sale will be directed towards Association Noosphere’s social initiatives.