Deep Dive into Marketing at NooMa Conference 2017

20 May 2017
Polyakov supports Noosphere Marketing Conference

On May 12, 2017, Association Noosphere with the support of Max Polyakov joined with Global Digital Marketing Group (GDM Group) to host its first marketing tailored event, the Noosphere Marketing Conference (NooMa Conf). Inspired by Chan Kim’s “Blue Ocean” theory, organizers decided to adopt an ocean theme to dive into the exciting world of marketing.

As opposed to “Red Ocean” markets, where competitors fight for dominance and turn the water red with blood, “Blue Ocean” markets have become a metaphor for an uncontested market space, a prime opportunity for companies to grow. Unlocking new demand in blue oceans makes competition irrelevant, as the rules for competition have not even been set up yet. In this way companies have a unique chance create their own rules and gain a strategic advantage. To swim in unexplored waters, it is essential to stay current with up-to-date market trends and the NooMa Conference was the perfect place to keep track of them. NooMa Conf’s speakers had these topics covered.

NooMa Conf speaker

The speaker panel of the conference accounted for 23 big fish, executives from leading marketing companies, whose personal experiences were not fish stories. They touched on the conference shores just enough to share how they earned their titles as business sharks. At the conference, experts plunged the audience into their exclusive insights, the latest trends and perspectives in a variety of marketing waters, like affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, traffic tracking, conversational commerce and video marketing.

Conference days participants were flooded by 2 approaches, in 2 separate streams. Students, career starters and young specialists explored the uncharted waters of marketing at the #NooMa_Sea stream. While marketing experts and professionals tried the deep waters at the #NooMa_Ocean stream. The event included more than 200 divers in all.

NooMa Conf visitors

Participants also had the chance to go beyond the waterline of resourceful expert speeches and take advantage of other activities on the side-deck. Especially for divers from the #NooMa_Sea stream, organizers arranged a vacancy wall with their partners, where young specialists could meet representatives of international companies, check out vacancies and leave their CVs. Most importantly, the comfortable venue and coffee & lunch breaks created the perfect atmosphere for networking and meeting each other in person.

NooMa Conf networking

June 1, 2017, Update

For its design creativity, the NooMa Conf website was nominated to be the “Site of the Day” at and after the online voting, they received an Awwward’s Honorable mention.

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