Dual education in Ukraine: Noosphere agreement between Ukrainian engineering universities and Firefly Aerospace

27 Jun 2019
Noosphere agreement between universities and Firefly

Noosphere’s focus on education attains new heights. Our mission is to incite young Ukrainians with an interest in engineering and aerospace.

In efforts to embolden the Ukrainian rocketry industry, June 27, 2019 saw Firefly Aerospace Ukraine, Noosphere, Dnipro National University and Kyiv Polytechnic Institute sign an agreement. Each signatory now has an obligation to create a dual education environment for engineers and rocket scientists in Ukraine.

Noosphere and Firefly will create a Scientific-educational Space and Technology centre, based on the Aerospace Technology Institute. The centre will follow the dual education principle and will offer Masters Degrees in aerospace-related disciplines, specifically Aerospace Engineering and Material Engineering. Firefly Aerospace Ukraine will provide students with scientific and manufacturing pre-graduation internships on their own basis.

Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, known for its high-quality engineering programs, benefits from the location in the capital city. Dnipro National University currently offers the best specialized educational programs and courses for aerospace and rocketry. Noosphere will provide socializing for students via conferences, social projects and internships in member-companies of Association Noosphere. In this new system, students achieve a higher level of engineering education as well as practical and soft skills from real manufacturers.

The following delegates represented the signatories:

– Michael Ryabokon, co-founder Noosphere

– Yuriy Zabiyaka, Firefly Aerospace Ukraine CEO

– Michael Zgurovsky, head of a Kyiv Polytechnic Institute 

– Mykola Polyakov, head of a Dnipro National University. 

Commenting on the agreement, Noosphere’s Michael Ryabokon stated:

“Our mission is to create a proper environment for space-related startups. Ukrainian fundamental education in Space has worldwide recognition. Young Ukrainians tend to lose interest in this kind of science. We are positive that our space centre in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute will be a tremendous step towards the resurrection of student interest in space”.