“I used to be interested in aeronautics from the outside. Now I work with people in the field”, – Noosphere Space Games winner Bohdan Borovyk

08 Aug 2023
Noosphere Space Games winner Bohdan Borovyk

The third Noosphere Space Games. Senior Edition virtual rocket modeling competition was held this spring. In addition to cash prizes, participants had the opportunity to take part in a separate competition and win an internship at the Flight Control Propulsion company. Nineteen-year-old Bohdan Borovyk was named the winner of the general competition and the special mission. He is now working as an intern at a space company.

Bohdan is from Lviv and studies in the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute’s Department of Space Engineering, meaning the internship is providing him with great experience. We asked Bohdan about his impressions and further plans.

– How did you decide to study as a space engineer?

– I came to this department because I was very interested in space engineering. While still studying at school, I really wanted to get into this specialty. At that time, a new department was opening at KPI, so now I am already in my fourth year.

I’m very interested in aeronautics. I am constantly working on small projects and improving my skills. I would like to do this workprofessionally.

– What kind of projects are you working on?

– Every year or two, I come up with some sort of engineering project for myself. It could be an idea for a spacecraft or a launch vehicle. I work on it from scratch to bring it to a conceptual or sketch level, just to gain experience in designing and using the knowledge that I’ve gained.

– Do these projects have a future? Have you shown them to anyone?

– While studying in school, I participated in competitions for schoolchildren, like with the Small Academy of Sciences, where kids could present their scientific or engineering projects. I demonstrated my work there. But above all, I did them not for the competition, but to learn and improve my skills. 

– Why did you decide to participate in the Noosphere Space Games?

–  I heard about this competition when it was held for the first time. It interested me a lot, because I had played Kerbal Space Program a long time ago. However, at that time I did not meet the age limit. Later, during the second contest, the age limit was raised to 18, and I turned 19 shortly before that, so I missed out again. That’s why I waited for the third contest. 

I really enjoyed the additional competition for the Flight Control Propulsion internship. This competition was held for senior students in technical specialties. At that time I wanted to find a job in the space field. That’s why I jumped at this opportunity.

– Did you expect to win?

– I was very cautious in thinking about winning. But I understood that if everything succeeded, it would turn out great for me. That’s why I put a lot of effort into the competition.

– How is the internship? What are your first impressions?

– It’s going great  My work is very interesting. I am enjoying working among people who not only share my interests, but who pursue them professionally and know much more than I do. That is, whereas I used to be interested in aeronautics from the outside, and now I have my first experience inside the field.

– What exactly do you do?

– At the beginning of the internship, I was given a choice of what field of work I wanted to be in. The company has many lines of work, and I cannot be in all of them at once. Lately I’ve been studying ballistics, and I find it interesting. This field concerns how rockets and space vehicles fly. I immediately chose it for my internship.

I am currently developing a flight simulator for a launch vehicle under the influence of various factors like the Earth’s gravity and rotation. I’ve been working on this project since my first day, improving it and making it more difficult. I am assisted by my mentor and a ballistics specialist. They support me and give advice on how to do this or that better.

– How are you getting along with your colleagues and mentors?

– They help me a lot. You can ask them one minor question, and they will immediately show and tell a lot of interesting things, drawing or demonstrating something on the computer and giving me a lot of useful information.

–  Has your internship affected your career plans?

– My plans have become more concrete. I thought that I wanted to do ballistics, and now that I’ve tried it, I’ve definitely made up my mind. I think if the company likes me, it would be good to work here someday.

– You are finishing your third year in university. Do you have plans for the future after graduating?

– I have one more year of study in Kyiv, and later – either a master’s degree or a job.

– In your opinion, how difficult is it for young people in Ukraine to follow their dreams in aeronautics?

– It seems to me that new opportunities are emerging constantly. A few years ago, I had no idea that it would be possible to get an internship at a rocket engine company. You can learn about the work of space specialists from the inside. There are so many people who are passionate about it and organizations that are working in the field.

– What would you advise people who are just thinking about studying in the space industry?

– I would advise them not to be intimidated. Even the most complicated problems can be solved in small steps with the help of other people, literature, and the Internet. I would also advise, in addition to classical education (which often always meet students’ desires) to study independently and immerse yourself in the topic. Search for literature and try yourself in different ways, not only as a university student.