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31 Aug 2022

Noospherian postcrossing initiative to support young Ukrainians

Today, due to the war, the tender generation of Ukrainians is deprived of most aspects of ordinary life. In order to support and unite our kids around the world and hone their energy in a creative direction, we launched the Noosphere Birthday Cards initiative

16 Aug 2022

“Balka Kantserka”: expedition on the footsteps of innovative survey

In July 2022, despite all our current challenges, the archaeological laboratory of the Noosphere Engineering School organized an expedition to the archaeological site “Balka Kantserka”

08 Jul 2022

“Learn by having fun”. Noosphere STEM Сamp, the course for children from Mariupol

In an interesting and accessible way, children learned programming, robotics, the laws of chemistry and physics, as well as the structure of the universe and how engineers design the spacecraft of the future, and archaeologists study the primitive lives of people in the past

30 Jun 2022

A VivaTech first: WheelKeep, the Ukrainian cycling startup

This year marks the first time Ukrainian startups have joined the VivaTech ranks. One representative is the bicycle security system “Wheel Keep”, a project of the Noosphere Engineering School

22 Jun 2022

Noosphere Children`s Day

This year, International Children’s Day is especially important for Ukrainians.
To support our children, Noosphere has prepared a number of educational and creative space activities — Noosphere Children’s Day

16 May 2022

Noosphere Engineering School: united by aid

Here are some stories of Noosphere Engineering School teams from different cities of Ukraine